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Wondering at a MTB project with evolve parts n remote.

Discussion in 'DIY & Custom Built Boards' started by leo81486, Oct 18, 2018.

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  1. leo81486

    leo81486 Member

    Hi folks .
    I felt in loved with the carbon gt at.
    I lived in NYC I used mainly for local traveling through NYC brought street roads , a few up hill n down hills
    Lots of uneven roads n lot potholes.
    So I am wondering if I can build a mounting board myself
    I don't need those high power motors
    I just want the motor that r pretty much same like evolve gt motors
    Mainly wanted extra range per charge .
    Deck n truck will be from trampa with springs
    But wonder if I can gather evolve custom upgrade Samsung battery , evolve BMS, evolve motor,evolve ESC ,n remote combine them to the project I wanted .
    Will that work ?
    Will the range get better than those high power motors they sold with their mounting kit ?
    Thank u
  2. luco

    luco Member

    ... Was wondering (almost)same thing!... Merging a MBs comp with gt... Summertime?
  3. Pjotr47

    Pjotr47 Member

    Just sell your board and start with fully DIY. One you ask real power from evolve boards they overheat very fast. I suggest to check out the forum
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