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Where do you eskate?

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by Alex, Sep 19, 2016.

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  1. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Primarily right out the front door. Live on a rolling to hilly gravel rural township road. Today, 1st real pavement session. We have limited paved roads. The good is the rolling terrain. Most climbs are 1-2 km long. A few pitches get to be on the steeper side. Use to race road and mtn bikes. +80kph on the straight sections of the steeper descents. Will be making use of the brake on the esk8. Love carving uphill and downhill.

    Skateboards are banned from the streets and sidewalks within the city limits.
  2. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Started surfskating this summer. "Discovered" there is a state statue 340.?? that at one time listed skateboards as "toy vehicles". Banned from all sidewalks, streets, roadways, public pathways, public parking lots, private parking lots unless allowed by owner. Then back in '12 Assembly Bill 515 removed skateboards from the list, but allows for individual municipalities to still list skateboards. $25 fine for over 14 y/o violators. Basis for the city ban on skateboards. Luckily my rural township and the township next to it do not ban skateboards.
  3. Vickupp

    Vickupp Member

    i Esk8 in Krefeld/Düsseldorf Germany :D

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