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Wheel "lock up" issue consolidation thread. Just the "facts".

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by kim cheese, May 6, 2021.

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  1. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Have yet and hope never to experience a wheel lock up. Seems to be multiple threads over the years covering this subject. Consolidation of the events into one thread, but limited to "objective" info. Bit hard to get a good grasp on the issue.

    1. Board model.
    2. Hours or miles or kilometers logged on the board before 1st event occurred. Minutes or distance into the session before the incident occurred.
    3. Speed, carving or straight line, terrain (surface, uphill, downhill, flats)
    4. Mode
    5. Riding conditions. ie. heavy urban, rural, or something in between. ~ Air temp.
    6. ~% battery capacity remaining. Both the remote and board.
    7. Any obvious damage that resulted from the crash or caused the incident.

    Please limit your comments to the above 7. Issues, feelings about the board, Evolve. Other details about the event. Start or add to other threads. Not sure if possible. But if possible and considered appropriate could the adm make this a "sticky"?

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