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Wheel advice please

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by The good place, Apr 8, 2019.

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  1. hi running AT now (1 week but have the bug ) but soon have 4 days of smooth, hilly, traffic free roads and think I need some street wheels. Thinking evolve 97, Abec 97 or abec 107. Anyone offer some advice, comparisons etc. Please?
  2. RjodEvolve3297

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    Bigger wheels will offer more speed, but less torque and better rolling over cracks and what not. Duros are entirely different matter all together, the lower number duro, the stickier they are, higher number duros are harder and slide better. All depends on preference.I prefer the 78a Evolve wheels, soft and sticky and the white wall is just epic. Though I'm looking into the 110mm Rough stuff wheels.
  3. OP
    The good place

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  4. OP
    The good place

    The good place Member

    Thanks. Went for 107’s and evolve 97’s the 107’s have added some serious speed and just keep rolling
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