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What tools do you need to maintain your board?

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by TheWhizz, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. TheWhizz

    TheWhizz Member

    I noticed that the standard provided tools from Evolve have some wear and tear. They are not the highest/strongest quality and I noticed that also the nuts/bolts tend to wear out.

    This results in more difficulty to tighten or loosen anything holding my board together. I also noticed that most of my tools (I live in the Netherlands) don't fit. I also can't really reach the truck with the Evolve tool provided

    For example my 10mm wrench (I expect this is UK size) is a little too big. Measuring the bolt/nut I see these are 9.5mm. My assumption is that everything on the board is US size and I would need for this specific one a 3/8" wrench?

    Can anybody help me out completing the list of the specific tools and sizes so I can purchase higher quality stuff. Any tips if there is a complete set available for this are also welcome?

    • Motor nut: 3/8" wrench
    • Wheel nut: ? wrench
    • Truck nut: ? wrench
    • Allen screws deck: ? Allen wrench/Hex key
    • Allen screws motor: ? Allen wrench/Hex key
    • Allen screws BMS entry port: ? Allen wrench/Hex key

    The longer provided Allen wrench tool has 2 sides one with an indent. Not sure about how that is called and if you need this or that a standard Allen Wrench will do.


    Forgive me if I got the names of the tools wrong.
  2. Hi :) As evolve is Brisbane/Aus I think all the sizes are metric. But yeh you're right, both the tools and nuts/bolts are 'soft' and not the best quality. Easy to roll.
  3. Alex

    Alex Admin

    I never get on well with tools that have the nubbin at the end like in your image TheWhizz, I usually try and use ones solid all the way, they seem to hold up better. Not sure if there's a special use for that type of tool, I imagine there must be a reason, perhaps it can't be used at an angle?
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  4. Veteran

    Veteran Member

    "Some hex keys have a ball on one end, which allows the tool to be used at an angle off-axis to the screw. This type of hex key was invented in 1964 by the Bondhus Corporation." More info.
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  5. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Well there ya go, learnt something new before breakfast.

    They're still aweful for getting rounded off, at least the ones I've used in the past.
  6. David

    David Member

    Fumpa mini electric air pump is how I do a quick inflate for my A T tires on my Carbon boards. Ausi. made too.
  7. EF82

    EF82 Member

    I want to use bosch pushdrive to service my board but can't find 1/8" hexbit and the nutdrivers needed anywhere other direct from the US and the shipping, wait and the high import tax we have in sweden prohibit me from buying.
    Would be nice if evolve sold these.. I want to use electric tools it's alot quicker.
  8. David

    David Member

    Can someone tell me what the little o-rings are for on the angled small Allen wrench that comes in the kit .
  9. EF82

    EF82 Member

    I think the rings are just for holding the key in place.

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