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What speed can you get? Bamboo and Carbon GTR

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTR' started by newysk8, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. newysk8

    newysk8 Member

    Just a thread to compare what speeds people can get on different wheels,gearing, bearing setup etc...

    Please post your weight and top speeds with different setups.

    Bamboo GTR

    Weight: 76kg

    Bearings: Tekton 6ball, (Drive Bearing: NSK

    Wheels: Evolve 107mm Gear:32t
    Speed: 43kmh (a little slower than expected)

    Wheels: AT 7in Gear:47t
    Speed: 43kmh

    On flat ground little to no wind checked on remote and gps with correct wheel settings......
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  2. Steven Sfef

    Steven Sfef Member

    What kind of bushings do you have?

    At 28-30 km/h I usually have speed wobble and I lose control.
  3. OP

    newysk8 Member

    Still using standard evolve bushings atm.
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  4. spoolito

    spoolito Member

    I get wobble near 27/28kmh. ordered 98a bushings That should stabilise it a bit,.

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