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What remotes work with Leiftech boards?

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by LeeMajors, Nov 28, 2020.

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  1. LeeMajors

    LeeMajors Member

    So I have a Leiftech I need to sell, my son just doesn't ride it as much as his trick skateboards (as in not at all) and when I sold it on eBay, some immoral a** hat stole the remote out of it, claimed I didn't ship it, and got his money back and I got shafted.

    I've been watching for months and haven't seen any used remotes.

    I've contacted Summerboard MULTIPLE times from two different email accounts and they have ZERO support response. None at all. I certainly wouldn't buy another product from them knowing they do not support their products at all but I'm trying to find a source for remotes and if the new generation remotes on their website will pair with the original Leiftechs or if they went to another frequency that won't work?

    Has anyone tried to pair a current generation remote with an original Leiftech?

    Does anyone know a source for original Leiftech remotes?

    Does anyone have a PHONE NUMBER to reach Summerboad support? With zero email response I'm left with a $1,000 paperweight.


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