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What helmet do you wear?!

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by Alex, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. TheWhizz

    TheWhizz Member

    Will see when it arrives if the black is indeed black enough.
  2. Skully

    Skully Member

    3M has some pretty interesting black reflective tape as well. There's actually strips on the peak of the helmet in my avatar. I've got a good flash/no flash picture of it, but not here at work, so you'll have to wait if you want a side-by-side ;)

    Might be good stuff for your board edges on a carbon, or the sides of the battery case, though, that's pretty hidden underneath where no one would see it. . .
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  3. TheWhizz

    TheWhizz Member

    Got the helmet and the black is indeed not black at all. As of the special coating it is more a grey color but I really like it. For night it does not matter and the reflective layer should provide enough visibility next to my lights on the board. Helmet has a good fit and as far as I know Triple Eight has a good reputation. IMG_3049.jpg
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  4. stme

    stme Member

    What model of RUROC are you guys using?
    There's a few on their site but it's not clear which are for motorbiking (heavy?), biking or snowboarding.
  5. mwhite67

    mwhite67 Member

    I'm currently using this one
  6. Skully

    Skully Member

    Not sure which ones anyone is using, but I do know Atlas is the line they've intended for Motorcycle/Snow Machine usage

    I've been a big fan of snowboard helmets for cold weather bike riding, but, not sure about the skateboard. . . it tends to tap out from cold before I do. That Bern does look comfy though.
  7. fbhb

    fbhb Member

    The Ruroc model that is mostly worn by many of the Evolve community is the RG1-DX, intended for snow sports but works really well for electric skateboards! I can vouch for the RG1-DX as an extremely comfortable, lightweight & very well ventilated helmet if you want full face protection. I have just recently fitted Ruroc's Bluetooth Shockwave speaker system to mine, which makes skating even more enjoyable listening to tunes on my phone while I ride! The Atlas range, only just recently announced for Motorcycle/Snowmobile use & shipping later this year, will be a great addition to Ruroc's lineup if you need the extra level of protection.
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  8. guydebord

    guydebord Member

    Very comfortable and it is certified for all gravity sports and can convert to a winter sports helmet for colder days
  9. Makana81

    Makana81 Member

    Ruroc RG1-DX Black Onyx....Black Friday deal, goes well with my Evolve GTX Bamboo
  10. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    fox profame XL dark yellow.
  11. malJohann

    malJohann Member

    Glacier White POC Crane MIPS here, it's a real eyesore, and just what I was after.

  12. DDK

    DDK Member

    Scorpion Covert Helmet

  13. Sky Knight

    Sky Knight Member

  14. KTMman200

    KTMman200 Member

    Six six one Comp Shifted full face helmet. I wanted somthing like my motocross helmet, just not so damm heavy!

  15. Sky Knight

    Sky Knight Member

  16. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Accidents are unplanned incidents at any speed. Friend has titanium plate in skull. About as slow as you can hit the concrete event. Raced road and mtn bike for a couple decades. I think it was back in '83 that hardshell helmets were first required. Good thing for my head. Totaled 3 helmets v. the brain over the next 6 seasons.

    Unless things have changed bicycle helmets were/are one hit use. Even if the liner doesn't look damaged or compressed it may not provide the rated protection on the next impact. Are skateboard helmets more like ski or rock climbing helmets? Designed for multiple impacts?

    Any links to any quality reviews that cover the weight and ventilation effectiveness of various helmets?
  17. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Repurposed a cycling helmet. The Giro Reverb. Classic design. Similar to the helmets worn by 7-11 back in days when they were the only strong US cycling team racing in Europe. But after a couple tuck and roll incidents decided on a skate specific helmet. One with the ASTM F1492 certification. Suffered concussions from road, mtn bike racing plus windsurfing. Klutz and always in the wrong place at the wrong time. So was also looking for a MIPs certified helmet. Found one on sale. Nutcase. Twice the weight of the Reverb, but more coverage. Reverb is on the light side of cycling helmets at 260gm. The Nutcase's extended coverage of the occipital bone of the skull is a big plus if landing on the backside and then slamming your skull onto the surface.
  18. Supercookie

    Supercookie Member

    Yeah, me too

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