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Discussion in 'Riptide' started by kim cheese, May 27, 2021.

  1. kim cheese

    kim cheese Member

    Purchased the Evolve Performance bushings made by RipTide for Evolve. They ride softer for the same durometer rating. The Purple 90As ride feel is softer than the stock SuperCarve black 90As. Interesting feel. Really silky smooth wide(double street lane wide GS carves) to medium radius carves at any speed. Yet if wanting to hammer fast hard, shallow radius turns there is a bit of rebound kick from the quickly loaded up bushing. I set the bushing tension at just tight of a free spinning bushings using the stock cupped washers. Personally I really like these bushing over the black SuperCarve stock. Could never get the stock bushings loose enough. Set up are all Purples on front kingpins. Purple on road side and Yellow (92A) on board side rear kingpins. Body weight ~60kg.

    Side note: the RipTide pivot cups. Pricey, but nice. Eliminated the recurring "squeak" on one or both of the rear kingpin pivots.
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