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Well met all! A bit of Buyers Remorse...

Discussion in 'New Members - Say hello in here!' started by Deckyon, May 14, 2020.

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  1. Deckyon

    Deckyon Member

    In Louisville, KY here.

    I just ordered a new Carbon GTR All Terrain skateboard. Took me a couple weeks to figure out what I wanted to go for for a last mile commute vehicle. I looked at electric scooters, electric bikes and electric skateboards. My normal commute vehicle is a motorcycle for my 17 mile one way. And my garage is about 6 blocks from my office. I know, I know, that's nothing. When I have to drive, I want something that will store easy and be easy to ride. I tried a "cheap" electric scooter for a bit, but it started coming apart and the battery was not holding a charge more than about 4 or 5 trips...

    So, after hours upon hours of searching, reading reviews, watching reviews, I was down to the Lycanboards and the Evolve Carbon GTR, and it came down to the Evolve being a better fit for a bigger guy.

    I ordered just minutes ago, so my buyers remorse is kicking in - it was a $1500 difference between the Lycan and the Evolve. That's huge. Having a bourbon to help, but I thought I would check some forums to help with the feeling I just spent a lot of extra money in a time where there is not a lot to go around.

    I am extremely excited to get it, and I can think of a LOT of other places to use this thing. Especially taking it to a motorcycle weekend of 4 days and a huge track and camp site. Just have to figure out how to charge it...
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