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Waterproof gtx

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTX' started by fuuz, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. fuuz

    fuuz Member

    Sealed with silicone and rubber paint coated.
    Took it out in a very hard rain, no problem.
    Took it out the next day when the roads were wet as ****, a lot of fun.
    The board was soaked both times but did just fine.
    Now I hit water puddles wherever I find them just for the hell of it.

    Gonna put some o-rings on the screws that hold the battery enclosure(already sealed with silicone) and I'm gonna put a "waterproof" griptape form ebay on it.
    Spraying the whole thing with that "neverwet" stuff would probably be an overkill, but I just might do that too, as it looks funny to me



  2. Which rubber paint did you use and how did it stand up over time?
  3. OP

    fuuz Member

    not bad at all. I kind of had to spray some spots at the upper edge a couple of times as it tend to peal off when you stand on it. I would therefore suggest some kind of other paint of same color that is harder at the very edges, just to make it look good.
    other than that the rubber paint was pretty cool, it looks just like new after all this time. I dont know what brand I used, I just picked up a box at the local paint store:
    I mainly used the rubber paint for practical reasons as it comes in in all of those small spaces (at the power plug, power button etc) and hardens there while still remaining elastic making it kind of more sealed, in my mind at least.

    many rides in very wet conditions with no problems with the board at all.
    cheers, and please wear a helmet at all times
  4. Okay, thanks for the information I have ordered
    Plasti Dip Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating - Spray - Black - 400ml
    from Amazon UK, I'll add a report in due course for those interested
  5. That's a good job. For extra assurance, Corrosion X that thing and feel free to ride at the bottom of the pool afterwards.
  6. Lukasz

    Lukasz Member

    Awesome video, thanks for tip, looks like a way to waterproof R2 remote,
  7. I did that as well! Hope it helps!

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