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Wassup From Krefeld Germany

Discussion in 'New Members - Say hello in here!' started by Vickupp, Apr 21, 2022.

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  1. Vickupp

    Vickupp Member

    Hi Guys im an E-sk8ter for 5 years now first I had a teemo board (Chinese company)
    for savety resonst I got myself a evolve since the brakes on the teemo were quite bad
    iv had my Bamboo GT for 2,5 yeas trying to sell it now cause I just got the Hadean I love but but it hast some issues...

    HADEAN issues:
    1. I think the flex is way to much cause it scrapes on the ground doing extra hard turns and light jumps on the board.
    a 2150€ board should not do that it should have been considert not to slide on the ground after the fist trip it scratched badly
    and im not that heavy ide say with my 78-80 kilos and 1,92m should be fine isn't tho since they sell it for 100kilo riders
    im looking for carbon plates/rods to screw them in or something I can't keep riding like that ill kill my board
    i have more than 1000km on my gt

    2. the motor tug I know im not the only one with this problem. itl brake slightly after going over light bumps which ist quite dangerous its just one motor tugging cause the board will go little sideways doing it so it can be just one

    3. motor shut off
    the same motor that tuggs shuts off completely it won't brake ore gas wen u what it its just turn off
    i had thad 5 times ore so very annoying I just turned the board off and itl work fine until it does it the next time

    toooo many big issues for a board that expensive

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