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WARNING about Leiftechs Guarantee!

Discussion in 'Leiftech' started by lanny, Sep 19, 2018.

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  1. lanny

    lanny Member

    Just a small warning for all people who are selling their board with warranty or to all users who have bought a board with warranty: I bought a Leiftech board from the first owner which has still warranty for about 6 months and I have so many issues as (as lots of other persons) you might have read in my post here:…/…/30

    After clarification and having so many different supporters, now they tell me that I do not have any warranty at all because I bought the board from someone else and not from Leiftech, see:

    Andre Banderas
    Sep 17, 4:23 PM PDT

    So just for my understanding : If I buy a board and then sell it during the warranty time. This means then that the new owner has no warranty at all ? Is it really like that ?

    LEIF Support (LEIF Technologies)
    Sep 17, 4:25 PM PDT

    For clarification: Only the first owner has guarantee, but if you sell the board, the second owner has no guarantee at all !!

    This means that you are busted in the following situations:

    1. You bought a Leiftech board and after 3 months, you realize that this is nothing for you, so you will sell the board on ebay with the note to also include the invoice with 21 months guarantee...WRONG ! No guarantee !!

    2. You have a bought a Leiftech board as a present for a friend. Does the friend has guarantee ?? NO, since he is then the second owner.

    3. ect ect...

    So be warned when buying a Leiftech board, which has so many issues, and selling it to another person...on their page it states:

    "Damages caused by crashes and impacts, exposure to water, and normal wear and tear are not covered and the warranty is nontransferable."

    Terms & Conditions
  2. Jaydawg56

    Jaydawg56 Member

    Same with evolve. Warranty is. It transferable to a second owner even if it is within the first 6 months of ownership. AT least that is how it is here in the US
  3. tomofnz

    tomofnz Member

    If you want warranty, buy new. Problem solved.

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