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Voltage specs of GT Fast Charger?

Discussion in 'Carbon GT' started by wiztecy, Oct 16, 2016.

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  1. wiztecy

    wiztecy Member

    Is anyone running the fast charger for the GT? What are the specs on it, usually it states on the bottom. Voltage and amps? Curious how much energy I'll be drawing from my socket.

  2. Andy

    Andy Mod


    I'll take a pic and post tomorrow of the new GT fast chargers stats, in the meantime here is the old fast charger that can still be used.
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  3. Alex

    Alex Admin

    180 - 264V?

    Does that mean there's a different charger for 110V countries?
  4. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Yep on the old ones they was not sure about new. From what I understand slow is 2A fast 4A
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  5. snakeride

    snakeride Member

    Call evolve dealer for response but i think it's ok because same spec.
  6. OP

    wiztecy Member

    Its pushing 42 Volts @ 4 Amps. Thanks! Is that the same for the black US / 110v GT model as well?
    Yes, we need the power supply to run off of 110V, 180V is too high for us and we wouldn't be able to drive it.
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  7. clouder7

    clouder7 Member

    What is the charge time for the Carbon GT with the new faster charger compared to the one it comes with?
  8. Zac

    Zac Member

    I just got a new, Super Fast charger & it charges my Bamboo GT when completely drained in just over an hour. Not sure about the voltage specs tho..
  9. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Here is the newbie fast charger pic to go with the old fast charger pic i posted earlier.
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  10. Zac

    Zac Member

    Thanks Andy!
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  11. clouder7

    clouder7 Member

    Evolve site says 3hrs for Carbon GT probably due to the bigger battery.
  12. MarkR

    MarkR Member

    Hi Complete Newb here - Would it be possible to buy a power bank and charge the board off that? I've tried reading through the thread around chargers an outputs and i don't quite understand....Is the fast charger is fast because it pushes through a higher voltage at higher amps compared to the original charger?? So if there is a power bank that has 20,800mAh and a maximum output of 5V @ 4.8A would it charge the board at the normal charger rate?

    Just thinking it might be good to have an "emergency" powere supply should a plug not be near or if i forgot a charger etc. - A just in case kind of scenario
  13. kram720

    kram720 Member

    No power bank would have to be the size of a shoebox

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