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For Sale [USA-SF Bay Area]Inboard M1+3 total batteries+a pair of brand new front wheels+bag

Discussion in 'Electric Skateboard Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade' started by chhappy7, Jul 22, 2017.

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  1. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    Retail: 1399+250+250+50=1950

    Ordered the board June 28, 2017 and used ~25 miles. Works great.
    So still has a good 11 months of warranty left.

    Selling whole package for $1600 or if you just want to buy batteries, let me know.
    Prefer local but if shipping, 1600+fees+shipping.

    I'm trying to not sell the board by itself, as that is quite hard to sell.
    If you have offers, shoot them my way.

    I know Inboard sells M1 for $1000 refurb, but that comes with 3 month warranty and tax and shipping added.
    I will help with any warranty claims necessary for the duration of the warranty. I have 100% feedback on eBay (but want to avoid because, well, fees).
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2017
  2. bell32

    bell32 Member

    Would u just sell the board? Then sell the batteries separate?
  3. OP

    chhappy7 Member

    I mean, I'm not opposed to it.
  4. how much for the board
  5. OP

    chhappy7 Member

    Hey! Are you local?
  6. I'm going to San Francisco on tuesday
  7. OP

    chhappy7 Member

    So I now just have 3 total batteries. Are you actually interested in taking the whole package?
  8. I can't afford the whole package. I was wondering what you could do for just the board?
  9. inboard sells these boards certified refurbished and still with warranty for $999
  10. OP

    chhappy7 Member

    Hmm. In that case, I'd say go with refurbs. Although those are 90 days/ 3 months and mine is 1 year total and of course if you need to reach warranty service, I'd help you go through the process, since the board IS sort of "registered" under my name.
  11. what's your price?
  12. OP

    chhappy7 Member

    I actually fractured my ankle so was unable to respond for some time and forgot you said you were visiting sf on Tuesday. I don't know if you're still interested but just board and one battery would be 1100(+other fees and shipping if required)
  13. slurpee3

    slurpee3 Member

    Hi, know its been a bit, but if you still have the batteries I'd be interested in taking a couple off your hands!
  14. how much for 2 batteries?

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