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Sold [US] Evolve GTX 2

Discussion in 'Electric Skateboard Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Predarnold, Jun 23, 2019.

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  1. Predarnold

    Predarnold Member

    Evolve GTX 2 in 1.
    $885 (Plus shipping) PayPal/Cash App or Pick up in NYC

    R2 v2 remote (newest firmware, a bigger battery than v1 version (Plus case and tools)

    Evolve GT Street Wheels Black (83mm, 76a) with drive gear 32T

    Evolve 97mm GT Street Wheels (2 used/2 brand new)

    Brand new customized Racerstar motors.

    Skate Kastle Steel Motor Plates (Plus 3 sets of motor guards (Evolve, Flatland 3D)

    Extra : 9 belts.

    The board and battery are in great shape. I rarely use it. Range: 20 miles (Tested) 15 miles in Fast mode 79179404_2743815895641520_3111294650187513856_o.jpg 79259016_2743816032308173_3555061232534814720_o.jpg 79373665_2743816098974833_5521012298153459712_o.jpg 79858386_2743816075641502_3246720316264677376_o.jpg 79940411_2743816152308161_2253208915145654272_o.jpg


    Last edited: Mar 25, 2020
  2. Rocklocker

    Rocklocker Member

    Dude how much would it take to get those boas and pulleys? Sick looking board

    Solid mounts
  3. fenderbender

    fenderbender Member

    Let me know if you would sell just the AT kit. Thanks!
  4. Bryancox6922

    Bryancox6922 Member

    is this still for sale
  5. Bryancox6922

    Bryancox6922 Member

    i can pick it up
  6. OP

    Predarnold Member

    Yes. Still for sale.
  7. Bryancox6922

    Bryancox6922 Member

    what is ur bottom line with no shipping cost
  8. OP

    Predarnold Member

    Check your PM
  9. jonisonvespa

    jonisonvespa Member

    97mm Evolve GT street wheels (2 used / 2 brand new)
    can i buy the3se if a good price
  10. OP

    Predarnold Member

    Hi. Did you get my message?
  11. jimmyjames72

    jimmyjames72 Member

    $1000 and I’m in
  12. OP

    Predarnold Member

    It was an old offer. AT and Boa set up was sold. I update it now.
  13. KDeCaesar

    KDeCaesar Member

    I will trade a boosted mini x with accessories and some cash.
  14. OP

    Predarnold Member

    Cash only. No trades.
  15. Brennan295

    Brennan295 Member

    I’m interested in buying it!!
  16. Brennan295

    Brennan295 Member

    Is it still available?
  17. jimmyjames72

    jimmyjames72 Member

    I’m in at 750 on Saturday.
  18. OP

    Predarnold Member

    Yes, $885 plus shipping. US only.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2020
  19. Sledhead

    Sledhead Member

    Is this available still? Also, how many charges or miles do you have on it? Thanks
  20. OP

    Predarnold Member

    Sold. Sorry.

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