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Sold [US] Evolve GT ESC, Battery, Enclosure, BMS, Remote

Discussion in 'Electric Skateboard Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade' started by Louis. F, Jun 1, 2020.

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  1. Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    GT ESC latest gen
    -125USD SOLD

    GT BMS latest gen
    -70USD under inquiry

    Bamboo GT enclosure good condition

    Evolve GT 10ah battery
    -20USD (more than 100 charges) SOLD

    Buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping. Located in San Diego. Lower 48 only... CONUS may be possible pm me. 7bbf2dc3c542da487032d0466a3c055cae6709c5_2_750x1000.jpeg 3596b8be012f46946d733e9b9f9643fef9fa6f67_2_750x1000.jpeg ef5f344826f18f753293d03b0114bc0f4912911c.jpeg
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2020
  2. OP
    Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    Also have an R2 remote with a broken usb... If you are good at soldering than an easy fix.
    35USD SOLD
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2020
  3. OP
    Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    or everything can go for 190USD + shipping and you got a great setup for the price :)

    Open to offers even though these are some damn good prices!
  4. Rocky81

    Rocky81 Member

    do you still have the bms ?
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  5. Rocky81

    Rocky81 Member

    if yes please contact me.
  6. OP
    Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    Lol I had 3 people contact me TODAY about various things haha.. I'll get back to you and see what has been taken
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  7. Rocky81

    Rocky81 Member

    Thanks, I've burned myone, and I can't find it anywhere..
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  8. OP
    Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    It's impossible to find... Even if you ask evolve nicely they'll say "**** off"

    The Esc is more acquirable but still hard.
    Look man I'll do my best, see what the others need
  9. Rocky81

    Rocky81 Member

    Thanks, I will wait. I've contacted evolve.. And they said exactly tha.. fu***ff hahaha. Cuz I've a custom battery on it..
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  10. Squaff

    Squaff Member

    Hey still available?
  11. OP
    Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    Every thing except the BMS is available mate! I'm also open ears to offers, especially if you are in the US!!
  12. Djkingkaos

    Djkingkaos Member

    Hello still avalibale ? I want the esc and ill take the r2 remote ?
  13. _alex

    _alex Member

    DM'd you! Let me know!
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  14. DrHorrible247

    DrHorrible247 Member

    Bms available?
  15. OP
    Louis. F

    Louis. F Member

    Damn, sorry, i sold everything. Good luck finding one

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