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For Sale Trampa electric skateboard

Discussion in 'Electric Skateboard Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade' started by phi, Nov 29, 2019.

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    Jul 1, 2017
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    South Carolina, USA
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    phill umar
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    Up for sale is a Trampa electric skateboard in excellent working condition, well handled and maintained.

    Complete Electric Mountain Board With Bindings
    Controller (Forward only not reverse compatible)
    FOUR (4) battery charges with fans for charging at 8AMPs allowing you to charge the board in a little over 2 1/4 hours from empty using all 4 at once. Get 80% charge in 50 minutes.

    Out of the box support for 63mm and 80mm motors featuring new rail-based gear mesh adjustability system.
    Aluminium reinforced wheel spur gear, a lot sturdier truck mounting system.
    New RED colour casing from a new material which his highly durable scratch and impact resistant with sound dampening properties
    New lubrication system which utilizes small volume inside gear drive which allows more efficient lubricant usage
    The motor spur gear is now locked with a keyway which stops all gear slippage on the motor shaft.
    Laser Cut Stainless Steel protection plate for smooth v-ring operation.
    Ultra Slim Design with a total height of 119mm (4.69")
    No modifications required for the trucks plug and play

    This Setup can handle up to 12S, however, has been equipped with 4 sets of 10S2P Lithium Ion packs with 5.2A each for a total of 20.8A. With the 36 Volt Setup the VESC 6 stays cool and will last longer than with a 12S Packs. The motors are 134KV 63mm way bigger than a boosted board or evolve boards with massive torque and a top speed with a 170lb person clocked in at 26MPH and over 21 Miles on a single charge. This is a fast mountainboard with bindings,This has been an awesome board.

    Installed with VESC 6 will allow you to modify the power curves, braking, and top speed (Max 26 with this gear ratio). Please note: You need a computer and the free software to download and modify. If you don't know what you are doing you can damage the motors. I have set them up under a mild setting for an experienced rider. Note MAX AMP's setting has bee specifically setup under the maximum for these motors. Over setting this will result in either motor damage or battery cutout at high AMP Draw. Keep this in mind before setting and check the batteries you are using for maximum draw potential. See VESC site for software download

    This is all the information about the board you need to know.

    With a 170lb rider with absolutely hammering the board at top speed I can get over 21 Miles. Note Rider weight and hilly terrain will reduce distance that can be traveled so use this as a guide.

    Trampa Electric Skateboard FatBoy SS Gear Drive mountain board Overall this is a superb board and ready to ride.

    Asking Price: US$2500

    If you are interested contact me via PM or email
    esales2 at protonmail dot com

    Thanks for looking.



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