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They should make air filled street rubber wheels

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by scotty5150, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. scotty5150

    scotty5150 Member

    Make them look like little race car wheels These would ideal for folks like me that have to deal with alot of gravel.

    Basically air tire the same size and shape as the 107mm f1 wheels with tread. We need to continue to think outside of the box since rolling resistance is not a big deal for electric powered boards
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  2. Terry Walton

    Terry Walton Member

    Agreed, not everyone wants to ride AT wheels an the street wheels (84 and 97) are great but you need to keep one eye on the road surface at all times.... certainly in the UK.
  3. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    tall and thin maybe and designed to run around 70psi with gearing to suit, probably would get some of that lost range back and still handle those harsh step ups in some of the concrete along with the coarse stone bitumen.

    thats one weakness of the 107mm while i do love them there are some pieces of concrete lifted by tree roots and one that has subsided at a bridge crossing where i have to stop and kick the board over with my toe, not even the 107mm can do it but im not willing to sacrifice the range riding AT on the street.
  4. Drider

    Drider Member

    Try Cloud wheels I have some and there kinda what your talking about.

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