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Linky News The Remote Control

Discussion in 'Linky' started by Linky News, Mar 24, 2017.

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  1. Linky News

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    Hi all!

    Right on schedule we received the new electronic PCBD this week, including a motor controller, remote controller, a receiver and connectors. This will be the last hardware update that is getting integrated with the most recent firmware version we have got. Of course, its functionality goes through our exhaustive tests first!

    Our team has been busy integrating the final remote hardware with the latest mechanical design. The device has two light indicators and two buttons at the top. You can easily switch on the remote controller using one of the buttons. A blue light will pulse to indicate the pairing process with the skateboard. Once the connection between the board and the controller has been made, you can either just set off or select one of the riding modes. Hold the other button, scroll through the four options and choose your style. Picking a riding mode while you’re already whizzing through the streets is possible too. You can go for Sport, Cruise, Eco or Safety, each indicated with its own color. We are curious for your preferred riding modes!

    The two other led lights of the controller are the status of charge indicators of both the skateboard (lower light) and the remote (upper light). Are the lights green? No need to worry, you are safe to go with a 100% charged battery. Yellow indicates a 75% status, orange a 50% and red a 25%. Once the red led light starts flashing you should start to get nervous with 10% battery power left. It is “board over” when the flashing frequency increases… This way you’ll always know when it’s time to charge while enjoying a cup of coffee. Last but not least, below you will also see where you can store the remote when Linky is folded.


    Have a good weekend guys!

    The Linky Team

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  2. RHA

    RHA Member

    How do you turn off the Linky remote control?

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