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Stoked To Start With The Best!!!

Discussion in 'New Members - Say hello in here!' started by MikeCTR, Jan 15, 2023.

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  1. MikeCTR

    MikeCTR Member

    Hi everyone I'm Michael. Been a lifelong beach kid so growing up skating, surfing, longboarding, bombing parking garages as no hills only flat land here!! So with that said ever since I saw my first electric skateboard I knew I had to have one no other choice. So when that happened the long and extensive job of my OCD to research, compare, read reviews, watching unboxing videos, review ones, watching multiple people's experiences over extended time and also first Impressions. Then making a list to see which are my contenders to be my final choice. Evolve was on my list from day 1 the look, craftsmanship, integrated Tech, amd the constant praise of the customer service. There are tons of boards cheaper, more expensive and everything in between. But after many comparisons I just kept coming out with the Carbon GTR Street or 2 in 1 being my Favorite and also being top of all my lists for comparisons. So finally after the holidays and the job I was finishing I decided it was time to order and I did only able to ride a few times as helmets have been delayed shipping been canceled, then today it finally arrived and the company had the suggestion that I was so close to being to big for a medium so go up to large. The fit isn't bad the comfort is pretty good but I loom like a 6 year old with my dad's helmet ontop of my helmet as it sits so high so here it is 1/15/23 a week after I got board and I had to order another helmet same one but medium if it is same problem when it comes in 2 days I'll address that then as the other large will be taken to UPS Store to return Tom am. I hope the other fits as I'm dying to really open this board up and take it to 11 but being older and maybe a tiny bit wiser I decided on my first ride with my buddy and I without a helmet so fingers crossed. I'm hoping I'm going to be flying down the road in just a few days!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. OP

    MikeCTR Member

    20230109_190909.jpg 20230109_191232.jpg 20230109_191423.jpg


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