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So i forgot to put a speed ring on before my gear...

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by Charon1313, Jun 30, 2019.

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  1. Charon1313

    Charon1313 Member

    I just went to switch my street wheels for my AT wheels and the bearing on the drivetrain gear had split in half and was FUSED to the truck strut. It looks like I put the silver speed ring on AFTER the gear. :weary_face:

    I could not get the half of the bearing off and had to order a new rear truck strut. Just thought I'd share as I saw others post if they needed the silver speed ring.. You def do. LOL.
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  2. Nick@Evolve

    Nick@Evolve Member

    The speed ring installation can be dependant on the individual strut. I've copied my reply to another and pasted below.
    If unsure, contact Evolve and a tech can help you out.

    Hi. Your strut appears to be a later version that has been adjusted. You will not need a large speed ring on the inside of the drive gear bearing.
    If you have bearings with built in spacers, you shouldn't need one between the gear and wheel either.
    However, due to manufacturing tolerances, the best way to ensure the best bearing adjustment is to install the drive gear and wheel without the belt. Tighten the nut like normal (not over tight) and check the free spin of the assembly. If it seems restricted, add a speed ring between the wheel and gear and check again. Once the wheel and gear/bearing preload right, install it all with the belt.

    Hope this helps,
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