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Snowboarder potentially buying GTR - need advice please!

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by chud777, Jun 16, 2019.

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  1. chud777

    chud777 Member

    Hi folks... hope this is the right location to post this as I am new to the forum and the sport.

    Anyway, 20 year veteran lady snowboarder who wants to play in the summer. Picked up a Onewheel as I love technology and it is so fun but not scratching that snowboard itch as we here in New England equate snowboarding with lots of edging and very rarely get pow. That said, enter the GTR.

    I know I want AT wheels as our streets here suck and I’d be playing around mostly on bike trails that are either paved and full of dips and cracks or a bit of grass fields so no street wheels to start. However I’m very torn between carbon and bamboo board. As a lover of bindings, I like a locked in feel and looking at the bamboo, the deck doesn’t seems to have a lot of grip or a friendly concave vs the carbons almost “drop-deck” that you can hold a wider stance with and anchor against the back and front to feel more locked in. Plus I stood on a bamboo GT and it’s spray on grip stuff seems to come right off. I realize it’s a mind game but somehow when I stood on the carbon GT it just felt more secure.
    So go with the carbon right? Not sure still because everyone says if you snowboard then you’ll like the flex of the bamboo better and since I only weigh 140, it won’t be very flexy anyway.

    So for this ole gal who wants to give an Evolve a go and wants the GTR for the potential to travel battery it, which would you recommend for those who have the experience? Given I can learn how to ride it and hope to stick to bike trails and the occasional off road, want a stuck to the board till I have to bail feeling and probably won’t go over 15mph, which would you recommend and why?

    Appreciate the feedback and hope I can get some clarity to inform my buying decision. Thank you!!!
  2. Kinder

    Kinder Member

    It sounds like you're sold already, it's just a matter of carbon vs bamboo. If possible go try the decks, ride the boards, see how YOU like it.

    I think it's personal preference.

    What I read is that carbon goes better on speed and stability, bamboo goes better on carving and bumps. I had like 5 mins riding a carbon, so not such an experience, but the more "direct driven" feeling wasn't better than the bamboo flex for me. But I'm the guy carving at 15 km/h in no rush, so definitely a biased opinion.

    Ride safe!
  3. Lukasz

    Lukasz Member


    I got GTX bamboo since 1 year and also just received GTR carbon this week. Both boards are sporting 8" AT tires and I mainly carve through bike trails and run through forest paths. I also got some years of snowboarding under my belt. I hope my experience will help you.

    Main difference for me is in length, which surprised me a bit. I am 182cm high, weight 70kg and on new carbon GTR I found I no longer have to worry that my feet will block the wheels, this extra space helps a lot and that locking concave is amazing. Although I gotta say a turning radius on GTX is smaller and bamboo absorb those bumps in the forest a little bit better. Although the key here are the wheels not the deck. Those new 7" off road tires offer much better grip than stock GTX roadies, however switching to 8" tires makes much bigger difference in the forest than deck flex. I also heard those new GTR bamboo decks don't flex so much as GTX do (more layers, fat battery pack). I chose carbon because it seems its waterproofed better (USB ports and battery to BMS connection in GTR bamboo look like a weak point to me) and I got bamboo deck already so I was curious about carbon.

    You said you like your stance on carbon better so go for carbon. For carving you should have similar stance like the one you use for snowboarding, both in terms of distance between feet and your angles, this might be a reason why on carbon you felt more secure.
  4. OP

    chud777 Member

    This was super helpful!! Thank you so much! Helps to have direct a/b comparison to isolate variables. As for turning radius, I got the Onewheel :)

    Appreciate the help and ride safe!
  5. Lukasz

    Lukasz Member

    You are welcome!
  6. DevoSkater

    DevoSkater Member

    I completely agree with LukasZ. I also own a Bamboo GTX and hopefully getting my Carbon GTR this next week. My choice for the carbon versus the bamboo this time is how much easier it is to swap out the battery packs (top loaded versus bottom loaded). I’m looking forward to having an extra battery pack with 30 miles when I am out on all day group rides.
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  7. magic man

    magic man Member

    I own the Carbon GT with AT wheels.
    Long story short:

    It satisfies my alpine and snowboarding itch.

    It even satisfies my kiteboarding and powered paragliding itches.

    I actually enjoy riding it more than any other sport.

    It even satisfies my itch to fly like a low flying Superman.

    I tried both bamboo and carbon. I’m sooo glad I chose carbon for its solid feel and greater stability at higher speeds.

    When I jog on the street I don’t want the ground to be flexible. And I don’t want my skateboard to be flexible either. Like a surfboard, I enjoy flexing my body more than the board flexing.

    Having said that, I certainly respect those who like the bamboo and enjoy its flex. In fact, if I win the lottery I will by the bamboo board as well:)

    NYC Evolve Riders
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  8. magic man

    magic man Member

    When riding on grass with AT wheels I find my board skidding out perfectly like snowboarding
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  9. Bamboo! Carbon is a race car, your ankles will feel like glass after a long ride on a carbon! Bamboo flexes a lot more like your snowboard!

    Personal preference, but I'm still gonna buy a carbon, because I'm stupid and I like pain...
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  10. spoolito

    spoolito Member

    I used to snowboard quite a bit, Bamboo Gtr does it for me,. just enough flex in the deck
  11. RustyHooks

    RustyHooks Member

    I know this is way late but I'm looking at the same issue. I want to be locked in as well.
    What did you end up doing?
  12. TheRising22

    TheRising22 Member

    bamboo GTR
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