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slide remote/ wrist protection

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by mtbjonboy, Jul 3, 2020.

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  1. mtbjonboy

    mtbjonboy Member

    Thought I would share my slide remote mod for anyone else wanting to put both hands down:
    Clearly I don't care what it looks like, I'm sure someone with more time could do a smarter version.

    Thought I would start by protecting the brake on the remote incase it gets knocked. I used a couple of aluminium tabs gorilla glued to the remote skin, then covered with 10mm foam and duct tape. Good mod on its own if you casually drop the remote thinking the wrist leash is on when it isn't.

    The skid plate is symmetrical/ interchangeable for L/RH when I change stance. Aluminium bent in a vice (with a bit of trial & error), with 5mm foam on the inside.
    The trick to attaching the puc is to counterbore with a drill bit slightly larger than the head of the bolt and insert the m4 bolts. these want to be deep enough to allow for puc wear but not too deep that they rip through.
    Thought it would need to be held on with inch wide elastic webbing but so far not needed. might add some finger bar grippers.
    I used: 5mm &/or 10 thick self adhesive foam, 3mm aluminium plate, hacksaw, small bolts set ebay, duct tape, cheap slide gloves (or puc bought separately), drill, drill bits.

    Has worked fine for me and I don't feel any big vibration due to all the foam so hopefully no internal damage.

    I have found the cheap palm guards excellent for cruising/ commuting/ winter with gloves underneath and would slide better than the flatland 3d when you fall.
    Lower profile neoprene winter sports wrist guards are great for use under slide gloves.




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