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Shutdown due BMS or ESC?

Discussion in 'General Electric Skateboard Chat' started by Freefly, Mar 26, 2018.

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  1. Freefly

    Freefly Member

    Got a Problem with my Carbon GT AT :(
    Full Throttle in GT Mode makes the Board Shut Down completely.. Happens with Stock Battery and also with my new custom Battery (10S5P VTC6). How can i find out the source of this Error? What do you guys think. ,Faulty BMS or ESC?
  2. i was out last night with my stock carbon at, and coming back home on a lets say 20% climb, the board went dead on me twice, kind of frustrating but hey what u gonna do, right...
  3. Mat88

    Mat88 Member

    I had the shut off prob in GT a few months ago, after accidentally going down a hill and riding the brakes at 100% charge.
    I didnt use GT for about a week ( riding everyday )
    I then kept it on charge overnight for three nights (fast charger)

    Fixed itself.

    Not sure if what I did changed anything but its works fine now.
  4. Wesselbrussen

    Wesselbrussen Member

    Having the same problem & have contacted Evolve and searched everywhere. Still waiting for an answer, best answer I've seen is the BMS having problems
  5. walterafable

    walterafable Member

    This is what some of us are learning post battery upgrade here in SoCal... YMMV

    This is common after a battery upgrade, particularly when the position of the BMS is flipped onto the ESC. There is a black wire that comes from the BMS. This is a temperature sensor wire (your wire may be a different color - I've also seen white). In stock configurations, the temp sensor wire lays across the battery cells to monitor them for overheating. When you flip the BMS onto the Evolve ESC to make space for an larger battery, the temp sensor wire is no longer in the intended position. It is now closer to the ESC capacitors, which by their nature, get hot!!! So when you go full throttle for a few seconds in GT mode, or longer in Fast mode, or charge up a hill, the BMS thinks your battery cells are overheating and about the explode. So it then cuts the voltage sent to the ESC in half, sending the board into SAFE mode. You won't get out of SAFE mode until the capacitors cool down, typically 10 minutes. (Is that what's happening to you?) The best solution is to reposition the temp sensor wire away from the ESC as much as possible. In the flipped position, it won't get to the battery cells, but find an open area (as much as that is possible). This should fix the issue. To aid others, please comment on this thread if this does the trick (or not).
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  6. destructo8

    destructo8 Member

    I get the shutdowns as well with my LHB battery upgrade. They are ONLY after hard GT riding uphill or on grass/dirt for an extended period of time. The new battery allows the board to do A LOT more work so I was thinking the shutdown made sense but this temp sensor wire you mention is an interesting thought. Curious to know and how to fix if possible.
  7. Wesselbrussen

    Wesselbrussen Member

    My temp wire was fine, took apart the battery because I'm replacing the pack but I was thinking maybe it was more of a motor problem. I was reading that some users had motors dropping out and thought that maybe because of a faulty motor (which I seem to have) it can't get all the power needed in GT mode...just a thought at this point because even evolve wasn't willing to help
  8. OP

    Freefly Member

    Hi Guys...
    Update...In my case it was mayyybeee a Battery Error,will do Testride tonight.
    Got back my fixed battery a few days ago (two broken paralell cellblocks)
    in the meanwhile i cleaned the ESC and resolder some spots.
    i even put good thermal paste between ESC and heatsink and sprayed everything with Wetprotect Spay.
    btw...found a really really bad solderjob of one of the Motorwires on the ESC. Qualitycontrol? lol
    Good idea with the Temp Sensorwire @walterafable . makes totally sense..will try.
    iam wondering what will happen if i cut off this wire. maybe worth a test..
  9. OP

    Freefly Member

    My Cutouts are GONE... :thumbsup:
    After twisting the Motorcables it seems that i also have
    better connection with the R2 remote and faster pairing.
    i also put the bms temp sensor far away from the ESC.

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