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Should I try street wheels and which ones ????

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by SonicArgus, Dec 26, 2017.

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  1. SonicArgus

    SonicArgus Member

    Hi Guys
    I've been riding my BGT AT for 6 months now (and loving it might I add)....
    But recently I've been wondering whether I should buy a street wheel kit at add to my choices.
    I'm not after more acceleration or a higher top speed - at 50 years old and 85 kgs - I'm happiest hard carving at between 20 and 25 km/hr, it's the range I'm looking for. The terrain around my regular ride, my riding style and the dreaded voltage sag currently only allows me to squeeze about 15km out of a charge - so I was hoping a street kit might help but with which wheels ???
    The standard kit appeals to the budget but the 97's look cool and the 107's even cooler but are they worth the extra bucks ??
    Help please - all opinions welcomed.
  2. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    if you been riding AT wheels for street and you want a street wheel its defiantly the 107mm you will want.
    make sure you get the 38t drives to go with them...
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  3. p060064h

    p060064h Member

    If it’s only range your looking for get a new battery made up. Almost double ya range and eliminate the sag.
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  4. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    street prformace also, for a street rider the roll of 107mm wheels will slay AT wheels to death.
    and that alone will add to range, the roll cannot be ignored.
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  5. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    in a street ride 107 wheels will gobble up and spit out a set of AT wheels at the end of the day.

    no arguments about who was most comfortable at that rough spot or who got the miles... 107's will win that battle.
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  6. OP

    SonicArgus Member

  7. OP

    SonicArgus Member

  8. OP

    SonicArgus Member

    Thanks for your replies guys - looks like 107's are the wheel to choose
    Cheeeerz and safe riding to all
  9. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    make sure you get the 38t drive gear with them especially if your not a top speed nut and if you got 97mm stoneground then you have 32t drives anyway so feel free to go top speed nut....

    all that said i actually want some 40t drives and iv dropped A few comments on that here n there.
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  10. Renny

    Renny Member

    I'm in the same boat, I've ridden my BGT AT for a similar length of time. I just got the evolve 97s today, but it's been too wet to do a long run. You can only ride around underground carparks so many times. I'm interested to here what you get
  11. p060064h

    p060064h Member

    I’ve had these on for a few days now and for the price they are great role over big cracks and stones.

  12. kcf

    kcf Member

    Check out what the guys at Trampa have coming - they have 125mm Gummie wheels. Which are essentially street wheels that fit on the Trampa 7" hubs. Board Bumpers have an adapter kit that allow you to use the Trampa hubs on your board.

    These should give you less rolling resistance than the AT tires, but with big wheels that can deal with obstacles. Ted @ Trampa said that the Gummies should be shipping out in a month or so, I've already ordered mine.

    GUMMIES Tyres BLACK 52x125mm 75a-78a Ultra Premium Urethane tyres - Fits to HYPA or SUPERSTAR Hubs

    Board Bumpers | Accessories for Evolve Skateboards
  13. Vinsanyon

    Vinsanyon Member


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