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Reading R2 remote

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTX' started by 2ndLastJedi, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. 2ndLastJedi

    2ndLastJedi Member

    Last week I got my first Evolve ! Stoked :)
    I found a few threads about the old remote but not a heap on the newer R2 , is there any manual so i can use the remote to its fullest ?
    Im wanting to understand my boards battery and also if I should charge it after only using half battery ? I don't really want to leave the board with only half battery as I may need a full charge next ride but concerned that constant chaging of a half flat battery may be bad for it long term .
    Is there a way to read the battery cells on the new R2 remote like was possible with the old remote like in this picture ?

  2. fbhb

    fbhb Member

    You can get to the cell voltage screen by double clicking the power button to access the preferences menu. Then use the down button to scroll to more info. Press the power button to select the battery screen. Once there, you just need to double click the power button then quickly press and hold the up button until the cell voltage screen appears.
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  3. OP

    2ndLastJedi Member

    Thank You very much , that worked but now...how do i read it , lol is that Recycle Cnt the amount of charges ? Ive charged my board 7 times but that number is 16 on my R2 !
    Am i alright to charge the board after only 10kms and half battery ?
    Are there any tips or a manual for the R2 and board charging ?
    Sorry for noob questions but i just want to maximise my board ;)
  4. Slybarman

    Slybarman Member

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  5. OP

    2ndLastJedi Member

    Two posts and two quick and helpful replies ;)
    Thanks you heaps !
    But what about the charging ? From what ive been able to find it inconclusive . I guess im just going to charge it as needed and hope it lasts .
  6. Slybarman

    Slybarman Member

    Any time you connect or disconnect the charge cable, it counts it as a charge cycle. Even if you only connect it for a minute or don't charge it to 100%. Charge your board as you need to ride it. When not using your board, lithium batteries do best stored at 50% charge.
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  7. OP

    2ndLastJedi Member

    Well this has been very helpful , so now im going to ask about wheel size and gearing , what one do i choose in the sizes on the remote for the GTX AT version and is it only really for accurate speedo ?
  8. Never, never, never drain your battery!these are lipos!L if you get below 25% you are in dangerous territory for sensitive LiPo batteries! Recommend charging above 40% and storing at 50%!

    Also, charging a stored battery (50%) will never damage it! Even over the long run!
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  9. Slybarman

    Slybarman Member

    While generally true of LIPOs, the board's BMS will not let you discharge deep enough to damage the battery. That is the purpose of the BMS. Fully discharging the battery to the point of LVC should still mean you are at 25-30% or so of the pack's capacity. So you can ride until the board quits without damaging the battery. Evolve would have to tell you the exact programming of their BMS.
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  10. I'm aware. The BMS cuts off at about 23% I ride 24.4 miles a night and use both an external LiPo capacity checker and the onboard battery checker along my rides.

    I do a weekly bench cell balance and cell cycle. To ensure longgevity andopimal cell proformance to prevent sag

    I can assure you. If you are running these boards, Neglecting them, not using them regularly above 80% with a cell regeneration charge you will begin the process of depleting these batteries. Sag will be your first indicator.

    Even still, if the BMS DID cut off at 30% one would still be 10% lower than the recommended charge point for any LiPo in the market!

    I have been in the world of LiPo's and model aircraft for about 25 years and I say this with intent to help not to argue.
  11. Slybarman

    Slybarman Member

    Ditto - many many years of aircraft RC experience. My point was to make clear to the OP he CAN ride his board to cut-off without damaging the pack. Your post could have been interpreted to mean he had to stop riding at 25% indicated on the remote. Per my first post, storage charge at 50%.
  12. He can. But in reality he shouldn't, at least not often! I apologize for not being more clear. The percentage on the remote has little to do with the battery. At 25% (on the remote) ones board is usually at 45-60% depending on ones riding habits and terrain. When the board is depleted and the board shuts off the battery is averaging 23%. This is well below the recommended stability levels for LiPo's!

    This depleted battery should be given the time to cool and plugged in immediately after to fully charged and balance. An external balance would not be a bad Idea in a regular basis if the board is regularly run low!

    And, Yes Should be stored at 50%! This is crucial to cell health!
  13. Slybarman

    Slybarman Member

    You expect him to take the board apart and charge it with a balance charger? Seriously, if he had a lipo balance charger, he wouldn't be asking basic questions about lipo care. He is asking how to use the charger that came with his board.

    OP - keep it simple. Ride your board and have fun. Run it all the way down if you have to. When you are done, charge all the way if you plan to ride again soon. If not, charge to 50% and charge the rest of the way before you ride next. Yes, your charge count on the remote will be higher, but so what.
  14. Thanks for point out the obvious and reiterating my original statement(s), all while using regressed childhood anger to fufill your ego! Bravo!

    With that being said, may I suggest developing some reading comprehension skills? As you have literally stated exactally what I said!

    It also seems you missed the point whereas I specifically stated "An external balance would not be a bad Idea on a regular basis if the board is regularly run low!"

    This statement that is known as an option not a need!

    You also missed another critical point whereas I again, stated to you once in my original retort "I say this with intent to help not to argue."

    You have completely strayed from, and overlooked the entire premise of the above conversation, to what? Flex you muscles to state my exact verbiage and Iota to sound like an assass hole!

    Congratulations! You have succeeded!
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  15. Slybarman

    Slybarman Member

    Congrats on being the first on my ignore list.
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  16. I'm accepting of such an award as you lack the intelligence to validate ones statements as being identical to your own, with the optional suggestion for said user.

    Which for some reason is a contingency point and triggers a 12 yr olds reaction to a simple statement.

    What's next? Am I not invited to your birthday party?
  17. The point here was to help the user of said asked question, by providing all knowledge and information to said user to make educated and informed decision upon this topic.


    MAN UP!!!
  18. OP

    2ndLastJedi Member

    A few questions arise after all this , how do.i charge to 50% using the charger that came with the board (normal slow charger) ?
    Today i i road for 10kms , should i charge it now as I may need more tomorrow . 10kms would be getting the battery down to 60 odd percent even though the battery indicator has not come down much at all .
    How do i do a weekly balance charge ?
    Ive read that it's a good idea to leave the board on charge well after the green light has come on , is this true or should I just disconnect as soon as it's Green ?
    Whats BMS ?
    Sorry to ask all these questions and please dont argue , I enjoy reading different opinions and you all have similar points and its promoting further discussion :)
  19. 1.) Thats a bit of a long answer, so here we go.

    Sadly, there is no good way to properly charge to or to discharge to 50%, Other than charging the board past the 50% mark (using the remote as an indication of percentage) and riding it down to 50% (This does give you a great excuse to ride). Now, you need to understand that 50% on this battery is approximately 40% on the remote as the remote as there is a slight variance on the battery percentage indicator in the top right of your remote via the BMS.

    You are much better off charging the battery fully, ride or bench test the board to bring all the cells as close to 50% as possible using the battery cell display.

    This display for the most part is about as accurate as any board I have seen on the market.

    Let the board sit and cool.

    Once cool, recheck to make sure cells are still about 50% and you're good to go, if not repeat and check again.

    The only other option you have is to get a bench charger (will require you to remove the battery) and either charge or discharge using the "STORAGE" setting which will get your battery to 50% hand free and dead on, no questions asked!

    2.) 10km is nothing to this board if using 97mm wheels. That is less than 1/5th of the battery capacity. At that point it is your choice (depending upon the the ride you will take the next day. Attempt to never exceed 60% depletion if possible).

    If using A/T you will be at 60% (which it seems you are at as per your statement) and you should be charging your board!

    The strongest batteries are kept when charged between 80% and 100% (I Sadly will never be able to do so as I commute 39.27 km 5 nights a week home from work. Battery maintenance is key to making sure I get home at night)

    The reason for your indicator not moving is the variance between your boards BMS and the controller. Depending on your riding habits and terrain 10km may burn battery faster or slower. The cell checker is more important than the battery indicator in the corner. That is simply for quick reference.

    3.) The BMS will for the most part balances the cells.

    It is not a bad idea to pick up a 10 cell balance charger (this requires removing the battery as needed to properly balance the cells) to ensure proper cell percentage and to assist with properly setting your boards battery to 50% storage.

    You bought an expensive board, Why not buy a good charger to protect it?

    I personally use a HiTech bench charger/discharger.

    4.) Leaving that battery on the charger will honestly not hurt or hinder the battery. Now days, it is super hard to overcharge a battery unless there is cell damage of some type. Do what is right for you! Just don't leave the board plugged in for a month and not ride it. That should save you headaches down the road as if it is this long between rides you need the battery at 50% until you need it!

    5.) BMS is the onboard Battery Management System. It prevents you from Over drawing over heating, over charging and helps with balancing inside of the board it's self while charging. No BMS is perfect but this one does pretty good!

    6.) Thank you for being civil, as this was my point to our friend all along! We are here to help not to argue! Arguing only hinders the process of helping you answer your questions!
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  20. OP

    2ndLastJedi Member

    Thank you for all the information and in depth reply and to all who replied :)

    I will attempt to follow your advise of staying above 60% but that kinda defeats the purpose of having a board that can do 30 odd kms per charge (AT here) but I will mostly be doing those 10kms rides anyway .

    Ive only done 27kms on the first ride just to test how far it could go and rode it till it went to Eco mode once ,just outside my house .
    I always let it cool before charge .

    I will consider that balance charger .

    Thanks again ;)

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