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R2 Remote brake trigger failure

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by JimmyCarver, Dec 11, 2022.

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  1. JimmyCarver

    JimmyCarver Member

    On a short downhill section of a trail I went to apply a bit of brake. There was nothing there, even when depressed fully in. I had an exciting 10 seconds ahead of me as I decided not to bail at 25 Km/h, but ride it out. Too narrow to turn to slow down. Managed to stay upright, even through some big speed wobbles, which I’m stoked about as a novice of only 6 weeks riding and 52 years old.
    Bamboo GTR would not work after that at all. No error messages showing and almost full charge on remote and board.
    Got an Uber home.
    Pulled remote apart the next day to find the piece that holds the small magnet inside the brake trigger had broken off.
    Remote has never been dropped, and brake trigger was working moments earlier in my ride perfectly.
    Hopefully dealer/Evolve will fix or replace remote.
    Love the board and the Evolve brand, and I’m not put off riding at all by this incident. But I do feel the remote is tinny feeling and maybe not high quality enough……?!?
    Wanted to put this out there for others to learn from. I shouldn’t have relied on the brakes as much probably anyway. Certainly won’t be in future.
  2. SparkleE.

    SparkleE. Member

    Wow! Glad you came out of that well!
    Evolve has been top service for me, over 3 years and 3 boards. I email them.
    Thanks for the reminder there’s always such possibilities.

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