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Power Button light will not turn on, how to troubleshoot

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by ogbodhisattva, Nov 27, 2021.

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  1. ogbodhisattva

    ogbodhisattva Member

    I have an Evolve Carbon GT and the power button blue light will not turn on at all (not even a blick/blip or flash). In addition, the board will not pair with remote (just in case the everything is fine except the blue light doesn't come on anymore).

    • Whether plugged in or not plugged in, blue light will not come on.
    • I have tried unplugging the battery (both connectors from the motor controller board) and leaving set for at least 20 seconds to flush power
    • I have left the power button on for a while
    • I have pressed the power button on and off many times
    • I can successfully charge the battery (multimeter measures the battery at 40volts)
    • I have not gotten it wet
    • I might have charged it with power button pressed in, not sure
    • I have not gotten it wet recently (I did like a year ago but let it tried and did not have an issue after that)
    • The board is not under warranty
    How can I troubleshoot this issue further? Can I use a multimeter to debug and isolate the issue? Any guidance would be appreciated.

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