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EWC 2017 Post your customised Evolve World Cup 2017 logos in here!

Discussion in 'Evolve Word Cup (EWC)' started by Alex, Jan 28, 2017.

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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Lets see what you've got!

    Here's my first one :p

    grumpy cat flag evolve.jpg

    Here's the original to work with.
    With white background:
    EWC2017 logo.jpeg

    With transparent background:
  2. OP

    Alex Admin

    I've just added a new forum and two new site pages with embedded photo editors so those of you without any graphics software installed on your PC can get in on the logo editing action.


    The simple editor will load a basic image editor in your browser window where you can make basic edits.


    For those of you who are a bit more adventurous or have experience with Photoshop or Gimp can use the advanced editor, which gives you many more options including layers and other advanced features.


    You may need to enable flash in your browser for them to work.
    This is usually done by clicking an icon in your address bar and selecting the appropriate option.

    The basic editor isn't SSL enabled, so you may have to explicitly allow that to load insecurely (which is perfectly safe as no sensitive data will be transferred to the image editor), alternatively try your hand at the advanced one.


    If you want to create a separate thread to ask for help in asking for help in how to make your creative genius come to life, post a thread in the graphics forum.

    Any questions or issues, just ask!

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  3. Rastarocket06

    Rastarocket06 Member

    logo EWC2017 France.jpg
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  4. Evolve Belgium.png
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  5. Rastarocket06

    Rastarocket06 Member

    Carlos will you ride for Belgium or Switzerland next year ?
  6. Rastarocket06

    Rastarocket06 Member

  7. For Belgium... Never heard of the Red Devils ;p (soccer)
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  8. wxppf

    wxppf Member

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  9. wxppf

    wxppf Member

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  10. wxppf

    wxppf Member

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  11. wxppf

    wxppf Member



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  12. JFLY78

    JFLY78 Member

    Is there a vector file of this logo?

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