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Plug'n'Play Replacement Motors for the GT?

Discussion in 'Carbon GT' started by Wanderer, Mar 12, 2021.

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  1. Wanderer

    Wanderer Member

    Hi there,
    after years of use I decided to upgrade the the motors of my GT (AT wheels, riding offroad only).

    I am NOT looking for higher torque or more top speed. Since I'll have to replace the motors sooner or later and the original ones are quite expensive, I am just looking for some affordable "plug'n'play" replacement motors that

    - provide at least the same torque / speed / range as the originals
    - aren't too expensive
    - are "plug'n'play" (come with the correct size / shaft / mount holes / plugs, do not require any other parts to be changed)

    Are there any motors out there that fit these conditions?

    After some research I found these:

    5065 BLDS Outrunner and Racerstar BR5065

    However, there are still some questions for me:

    1. Are they really "plug'n'play" (the D-shaft variant) or will they need any other parts to be changed as well?

    2. Should I prefer 140kv or 200kv? I am not looking for MORE torque or top speed but they also shouldn't perform worse than the originals. I am using the big AT wheels, driving off-road mostly, so I guess the 140kv would be the better option in terms of battery range and torque?

    Thanks for helping :)

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