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OWArmor Review - Electric skateboard reflective automotive visibility sticker

Discussion in 'Skate Equipment, Safety Gear & Spares' started by Alex, May 18, 2017.

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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Electric skateboarding can be dangerous at the best of times. But when you throw traffic, pedestrians and low light into the mix it gets even more dangerous.

    Visibility is key in staying safe when out and about on your board. Most of the bad accidents you see reported arise when a vehicle hits a rider and the driver of the vehicle claims they didn't see the person hit.

    Lights are great, but they also require you to remember to charge them and turn them on. Reflective automotive stickers can compliment them nicely as they're always passively protecting you by reflecting light at all times, day or night.

    Currently - Onewheel, Onewheel Accessories has two custom design sets available for purchase.

    Marketed as using the automotive grade stickers, here's what Jeremy has to say about them:

    One Wheel Reflective Stickers

    The owReflect Series is for the One Wheel from Future Motion.

    The owReflect Core stickers are curved, to fit the circumference of the wheel on the OneWheel.
    They come in 9 different colours.

    At the time of writing the MSRP for the core stickers is $25.99 USD and are currently on sale at $21.99 USD.


    The owReflect Skinny Rails stickers are straight and are intended to line the edge the the standing platform of the OneWheel.

    At the time of writing the MSRP for the rails stickers is $25.99 USD and are currently on sale at $21.99 USD.


    Evolve Skateboards All Terrain Hub Reflective Stickers

    The evReflect (Electric Vehicle Reflect) Series are for all terrain mountain board hubs, as found on the All Terrain Carbon GT and All Terrain Bamboo GT from Evolve Skateboards.

    At the time of writing the MSRP for the evReflect stickers is $25.99 USD and are currently on sale at $21.99 USD.



    Jeremy from OW Armor was sent me a set of the stickers for the all terrain evolve hubs for testing, which I applied to my Gen 2 Carbon Evolve Skateboard (the version before the carbon GT)

    They arrived in 9 days after being shipped from the East Coast of the USA to the UK, pretty good for an international order.

    Opening the envelope you get a single sheet of stickers, as pictured below, all custom cut to the perfect size for your device.

    The all terrain hub version comes with three types of sticker.

    One shaped to fit in the well of the hub; another one to fit in the well of the hub, but with an additional cutout so there's room to wrap around the air valve; and a final one to place on the outer side of each hub in a circular fashion.


    Be sure to clean the hubs well before applying them to get any dirt or grime off and ensure a quality seal for the sticker so they don't fall off, after all, they will be getting a beating and moving fast as you nip around on your board.

    I did this with soapy water, then dried them. But you could also use a bit of rubbing alcohol to remove all the grease and grime from the hub if you want to be particularly thorough.

    Generally the stickers were pretty easy to remove, I had a bit of a tough time with some of them and made it to the fourth corner before finally getting them to peel off, but no major issues.

    They feel pretty thick and very sticky.

    They entire project took me about 1 hour, from cleaning to having all the stickers applied.

    The sticker for the inside of the wheel hub were the trickiest to apply, but once I had a technique figured out, it was pretty easy.

    As a left hander I found it easiest to grip the sticker from the left side of the wider end, position it in the wheel well, then use my right hand to set the right side of the sticker in position, then smooth it out from right to left. Reverse this if you're left handed.



    Specially shaped ones for around the tyre valve:


    Once they were applied to all four wheels, I was left with a few spare. So if you do mess any up, it's not a big deal.

    If you manage to get them all installed first time though, it means you can use the spares to add reflective hints to other parts of your board, I positioned on the front, rear and sides.

    Here's some finished photos:









    I have yet to see how they wear over time, to see how they deal with the dust, puddles and moisture of the grim UK weather along with wipe downs of the board to keep it clean over time. If I have any issues in the coming months that I feel need raising, I'll update this review. They felt solid and sticky going on though, so I have confidence in them.

    At $26 shipped MRSP, they're not cheap for a set of stickers. However they're not just any stickers, they are highly reflective and cut to the precise shapes you need to be positioned in the most effective spots of your board to make you visible.

    They're surprisingly effective and once applied you can just forget about them.

    If you're spending $1k - $2k on an electric skateboard, you don't want to be skimping on staying safe. I've seen far too many threads from riders, new and veteran, who have been hit by cars who just didn't see them.

    With the amount of increased visibility you get from these, they're a great idea for anyone that regularly rides on any roads with vehicles, or at night.

    I would be interested to see additional sets that could be applied to your helmet. Perhaps we'll see some helmet designs in the future.

    These stickers a quick, easy and effective mod, and well worth the price for the potential injury saving benefit.

    Plus they look pretty sick and come in a great selection of colours.

    Would I recommend these?

    Absolutely, they're a great addition to your personal electric vehicle.

    They get a thumbs up from me


    For more information visit - Onewheel, Onewheel Accessories


    We've teamed up with Jeremy to give away two more sets of stickers to a couple of forum members.

    To be in with a chance:

    1. Comment below and let us know what you think, if you already have a set then some then lets see some pics.
    2. For a second entry then upload up to 4 photos to our May photo competition.

    The winners will be chosen in June and can choose from any of the sticker sets available on - Onewheel, Onewheel Accessories

    OWArmor Discount Code
    If you don't want to wait then the first 10 people to use discount code evolveforums can get 25% off their order, after that the discount will drop to 10%

    Thanks to Jeremy @owarmor for supplying me with a free set for review.
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  2. OP

    Alex Admin

    Comment below to enter to win a set :thumbsup::punch:
  3. Desmondo

    Desmondo Member

    I think these are really neat! Especially the green!
  4. Jer

    Jer Member

    These look really cool! It looks like its minimal enough to not be noticeable during the day but could provide some awesome visibility at night.
  5. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    “Electric skateboarding can be dangerous at the best of times” So true indeed. I think I have had more issues with people using Stop signs as suggestions than anything else. You look at them wondering do you not see me… it even happens wearing high visibility colors. Anything that can attract you to their looking balls is a good thing, Skate On!
  6. alkis

    alkis Member

    Great idea.
    Wouldn't mind winning them too :)
  7. ajdahun

    ajdahun Member

    Me likey! but the best reflectors/lights are useless if one plays in traffic with the texting cagers.
  8. Milkman

    Milkman Member

    Seems like a good idea. In CA you're supposed to have reflectors on the sides by law. this looks like a good solution.
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  9. alosina

    alosina Member

    When you don't think it can get any better...
  10. Silverkuusk

    Silverkuusk Member

    Great reflection !
  11. thomwithah

    thomwithah Member

    These are nice. I hope to win. I'd buy if they came in black.
  12. Wow awesome reflection! Beside being cool, also very safe. Especially from the side view. I cruise through Amsterdam mostly late in the afternoon early evening and those would be great.
  13. owarmor

    owarmor Member

    We had a little mix up with the coupon code please use coupon code: evolveforums
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  14. thomwithah

    thomwithah Member

    Candy Apple, to me, is usually more red than orange. However, the photos of this color, to me, look more orange than red. Which is it, more red or more orange. Is it orange at all?
  15. Wow, this is probably one of the coolest addons I have seen to date. They look super stylish and a complement to the whole board!
  16. David DC

    David DC Member

    Simply amazing!!
  17. CapeTownGuy

    CapeTownGuy Member

    Sooo cool. Gotta get a set!
  18. owarmor

    owarmor Member

    More red I have an actual orange
  19. Eric.W

    Eric.W Member

    20170520_210258.jpg 20170520_210242.jpg
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  20. Eric.W

    Eric.W Member

    That's what I've got so far. Going to get more pics on Friday. So I found them quite easy to put on, like the way they look and defo think it is wise to make yourself more visible in low-light. Tempted to get another set and do the other inside bit of the rims a diff colour :) Oh and thank you to Aaron for A - lending me his jacket as I was baltic and B - taking these pics!

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