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Ordered Today Bamboo GT Street.

Discussion in 'New Members - Say hello in here!' started by Rmack, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. Rmack

    Rmack Member

    I'm 50 years old, grew up in Reseda CA The heart of skateboarding history. Now living in South Carolina. Purchased my first pair of Vans at an actual Vans shop, In fact the original Vans Shop on Topanga BLVD just South of Ventura. I skateboarded most my life until age 33. So havent been on a board to speak of in 17 years give or take. I purchased an Inboard M1 five days ago, instantly fell in love with boarding all over again. Now I'm waiting on my new Bamboo GTX Street. Super excited for it to get here. I look forward to reading about many interesting adventures from fellow boarders. Oh BTW I was always much more of a sidewalk surfer than a trick boarder. I could never handle the whole breaking bones thing, so this is gonna be the perfect new toy for an aging kid like myself.
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  2. sk8ter

    sk8ter Member

    Awsome Rmack !! You will have a great time on the Bamboo . I basically have the same story as you !!
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  3. OP

    Rmack Member

    Cool, how are you liking the boa
    Cool, how are you liking it? I made a mistake I actually purchased the bamboo GTX

  4. sk8ter

    sk8ter Member

    Yes I bought the GTX too !! It is outstanding !! Just wish I had someone to ride with here in Florida
  5. OP

    Rmack Member

    Just waiting to get my helmet tonight to take it out for my first ride. I did own an Inboard M1 previously, but it wasnt anywhere near as fast as this is supposed to be. I'm thinking of gifting my M1 to my 30 years old son, so I'll have a riding partner.
  6. sk8ter

    sk8ter Member

    There you go ! It will be fun with your son .At least here in where I live in Florida it gets boring riding alone .

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