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Oldest rider ??

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by bererunner, Oct 2, 2017.

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  1. bererunner

    bererunner Member

    I’m 62 years old, am I to old to get an bamboo gt ?
    Big fan of Casey Neistat on you tube, gagging to have a go on a board. No never owned or ridden a board before. Got the chance of a bamboo gt, reasonably priced. Do I go for it ?
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  2. bgudell

    bgudell Member

    Go for it. Been riding it for a year. No Complaints
  3. wiseguy

    wiseguy Member

    Never ridden?
    So maybe I AM the oldest rider at 57.

    I've had many boards, manual and motorized.

    I have the carbon GT 2 in 1 and I love it.

    Never ridden?

    Rule number 1, you must wear a helmet.

    Rule number 2,

    Rule number 3, just because GTs go fast doesn't mean you have to.

    First board a GT?
    I don't know.
    Big bucks.
    Maybe you should see if you like riding before spending that kind of loot.
  4. runner6771

    runner6771 Member

    Absolutely I'm 65 and I ride a Swagboard as soon as I have the money I'm buying a faster better board. Motorized skateboards keep you young. The trick is to keep moving when you stop they put you in a box and close the lid. I took one good fall so far but I'm sure there are worse falls to come. I'm more worried about wrist and elbow and knee then head damage.
  5. LPWB

    LPWB Member

    Bamboo GT was on my bucket list of things to do before I turn 50. Just got one, still 8 months spare :) Love it, great fun. There are no hills where I live for my longboard so this is a great alternative.
  6. marek

    marek Member

    GO FOR IT, ALWAYS!!!!!!

    lol you guys funny,
    I'm 70 in a few months and riding a gtx bamboo after selling my gtx carbon because
    i was not riding it enough, and missed it badly after not riding for 7 days!

    come off badly, 4 months ago, hip injury, dog attack from someones drive way.
    broken wrist guard and gouge in helmet, and pads on elbows and knees. Highly recommended to wear
    "protective gear", especially if a little older, the downside of age is the healing takes longer.

    love the deep endless curves to the l and r, the endless momentum of movement. just cant get enough of them, I never want them to end.
    out yesterday and the battery always runs out before I get bored.
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  7. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    bererunner - if you have the money do it, you aren't getting younger. I would also get most of the protective gear people are recommending along with a trigger guard. Having said that why at 62 would you start on a sport that is so unforgiving to your body? I’ve been skating for over 42 year (I’m 54) and have plenty of skating induced broken and sprained pieces of my body reminding me daily I am alive. Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to discourage you but one false move, one simple mistake can mean months of recovery and the board back up on the classified section. If you have the disposable income go for it and start slow. If not I would recommend getting a reasonably priced long board curve a few bike path and hills and then make your decision. Either way enjoy life, it is too short.
  8. PacoP

    PacoP Member

    I’m almost 73 and have had Bamboo GT all terrain for about a year. Just went over 1000 miles. Ride 6-10 miles 3 or 4 times a week when can’t kiteboard. Always wear headgear and elbow pads. Have only been run off the road once (so far) by a texting nincompoop. You gotta stay alert and ride defensively. It’s a blast and all the other, younger hides in neighborhood are jealous. Have fun and be safe-no shifting while moving
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  9. Veteran

    Veteran Member


    Check this thread. Any other "old guys or gals"? [​IMG]
  10. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    im 47 and iv just ordered a GTX i say go for it man, skateboarding existed when we were children so we certainly are not too old to love riding.

    personally ill ride my motorbikes mountain bikes snowboard and skate boards untill someone forcibly stops me !
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  11. Surfrider

    Surfrider Member

    I'm 57 and have had a cheaper eboard for about 4 months just to see if I would enjoy it. I love to surf but not getting to the beach as often as I like to so I'm looking for the next best thing!!
    Needless to say I'm hooked!! I now owned a Bamboo one board. Like the look of traditional board and the way it carved!!
    Wear helmet for sure..... skate on!!
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  12. Garypii

    Garypii Member

    37yr carbon GT all terrain. I’ve had two or three bad spills and paid with skin. I recently decided to go about this in a safer way. Technical safety gear pass full face helmet. G form shin/ knee protectors, G form extended elbow pads, G form compression shirt and shorts. If you have passed the age of invincibility check out TSG and G form. It’s not going to be cheap but we are not 20 anymore so we have money to burn
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  13. one4torque

    one4torque Member

    Yup 49 yo here...... grew up skating in 70's 80's...... re discovered it a month ago.... 1st bought a super cheap eleven board..... single motor 24 volt..... 12 mph....... 5 mile range..... just to be sure I could still ride and turn etc....... no problem.... just like it was 1982 all over again :)...... just an add'l few pounds. then ordered a gen 2 carbon..... then gtx street, then a gtx offroad..... then a baja board,.... then a lhb custom on order. You are not getting younger so enjoy it while you can! peace.
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  14. Surfrider

    Surfrider Member

    We should have an 45+ old guys ride!!! We can ride and discover all the senior discount spots in the city!!
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  15. one4torque

    one4torque Member

    I'm a hack wanna-be road racer as well..... building up an old E36 m car for the road course..... and I've got to tell you guys the dynamics, road racing fundamentals all go through my head as I pilot these boards....... and it arguably more bare-bones stripped down feel than a race car...... planning a turn, feeling the traction, controlling throttle/brake...... on something that has a pretty good power/wgt ratio..... it checks alot of boxes for me.
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  16. Terry Walton

    Terry Walton Member

    I'm about to hit 49, riding my carbon GT rolls back the years. As previous comments, getting older means taking a little longer to recover from a fall but us older guys tend to come off less as we don't always feel the need to be doing 26mph (well not when the wife is around). I use protective body armour by Knox, helmet and knee pads, perhaps overcompensating but better safe than in traction I say. For me it's all about mental age, not physical. If you think you will definitely will. You are a long time dead so I say go for it
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  17. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    skateboarding has been around so long now you could be pushing 60 and still have had one in ya teen years so its only natural to still wanna do it.
    people gave me **** for buying an electric skateboard when im almost 50 but my argument is didn't you have a bicycle as a child ? do you still have one ? well then what's the difference?
    they never have a good answer
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  18. one4torque

    one4torque Member

    One of my long time friends replied when I told him I just got into a guilty pleasure.... eboarding..... and he said that was the nerdiest thing I've ever done :)...... and I'm cool with that. There are more nerdy things trust me.
  19. Kist2001

    Kist2001 Member

    I'd suggest getting a longboard un-motorized prior to the powered one. Just to get the balance and muscle memory intact. Not much room for error with the power on. Also the ex tells me I look like robocop in all my protective gear. Yet take a good spill and be out of work for 6 weeks and check your ego at the door.

    Definitely get a Mips helmet and wrist/elbow and knee pads. I say go for it but do it wisely. I have been thrown badly once on the CGT when I lost connection and if it was not for the helmet and padding I would have really been hurt.
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  20. Surfrider

    Surfrider Member

    I did excatly that with the regular longboard then to a cheaper and slower board to evolve board. Perfect transition!!!
    Robo cop looks is cool.....

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