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new bamboo one nightmares bent motor plate

Discussion in 'Bamboo Series One' started by derek440, Mar 17, 2018.

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  1. derek440

    derek440 Member

    So I bought a bamboo one after riding an acton blink s2 for the last six months. I love the surfy ride of the One, was put off by the twisting on pro mode but bought it anyway. The next day I had a short ride with friends on their e-boards and towards the end of the ride my motor failed, it did same as I have seen on some youtube videos, making bad noise but still turning. Also it was cutting out, motor pretty much dead within 24 hours of owning. Retailer replaced motor with a loan motor but as I had used the kick tail to put the board up and down and the motor and motor plate had touched the ground they said I may have to pay for a motor.

    Next day the brakes slipped as the motor had moved and belt was loose so I tightened and it moved again so i tightened again using lock-tite. Two days later I got home from a ride to the train station and noticed a massive chunk out of a wheel. I have never had a problem like this on this ride before, the wheel is now missing a massive chunk. So I have ordered new wheels (107mm abec 11s). Then after a week I had a long ride and near end of ride the belt came off and jammed against the wheel.I put it back on and it came off again. After looking again it looks like my motor plate has bent due to the force of the motor and now the motor and wheel drive are not aligned so the belt ( which is now stuffed) comes off. I took it apart and tried to flatten the plate and it worked for a bit and then today the belt came off again and is now totally stuffed. I have ordered new belt and motor plate and going to call retailer tomorrow to complain and will call evolve next week and try to get some help. This is pretty ridiculous and it sounds like they are going to blame me but i have just been riding to train the same as always on my acton board. This really sucks, i love the way the board rides but was is up with the quality, its terrible! Anyone else had a motor bend a motor plate and have the belt coming off? Thanks.
  2. OP

    derek440 Member

    Attached some pics, keep in mind this board is a week old! Also I remembered when I saw the pictures, the back trucks are bent after every ride I have in pro mode. They seem to just bend back but again WTF. And again, i have no abused this board, I use it to ride to the train and commute to work. Almost no hills but I do ride in pro mode and am 100kgs.





  3. sandwiches

    sandwiches Member

    Sounds like you need the extra power of a GT as you are at the max weight One can carry, GT gas a simular weight load but is a lot more powerful. Do you carry a bag too? That slows me down a bit if I have too much. Also your motor guard is scratched more than mine purchased mid last year so be careful about standing it up. I would also contact Evolve directly closest to wherever you live and explain what has happened.
  4. OP

    derek440 Member

    thanks for the response. i have hit up evolve and ordered a new motor plate and belt. Appreciate your advice about weight, you could be right, i just hope the new motor plate doesn't bend and if it does i hope i can get a stronger one somehow. i'd be happy with a steel plate rather than alloy but not sure if they exist. Cheers
  5. sandwiches

    sandwiches Member

    No worries. Just roll with whatever they provide until warranty is up to keep in good standing with them. 2 motors are amazing for my area in Brisbane as there is so many hills.. I love the shape of yours though and would consider putting all the GT parts on the One.
  6. OP

    derek440 Member

    To update on this, I ended up buying the parts from evolve (with some discount to help me out!) to turn the board into a dual drive and it has worked awesomely. The board is now pretty much a GT under the hood and I am really happy with it. The update involved replacing the motor controller and rear trucks and adding the second motor plate and belt and wheel drive and of course two GT motors. End result is an awesome dual drive board with a sick deck, so I am super happy. I also updated to 107mm ABEC wheels so the whole pacxkage is now really fast and so far reliable and working great. Really happy with the outcome.
  7. Malo

    Malo Member

    I bought my Bamboo One last summer and received it late June.
    I made sure to read and follow the instructions as I spent a lot of money on this.

    Halfway into my second ride on the board the motor came so loose that 2 screws fell off and the other 2 barely held on. Thankfully they both landed on the board well riding.
    I did tighten these screws before I left for my ride. When I tightened the screws I noticed one didn't fully tighten and would just turn forever. Later when I remove the screw to try and figure out why, some metal shavings came out with it which I assume is the thread.
    I added locktight to prevent the screws from falling off.
    I then emailed Evolve, which they took some time to reply.
    I continued to use it with the one screen that wouldn't tighten. I was riding down a paved path I hit a small crack and it bent the motor mount so the belt doesn't sit right and is not rideable. Because it took so long for a reply i decided to bend the motor mount back by taking it off and hammering it straight in a vice with a rubber mallet. Besides the screws holding the motor mount to the trucks instantly stripping it worked and I was able to ride the board again. I went for a full ride no problems well checking the motor isn't loose multiple times through my ride. After recharging I went for a second ride, again hit a small crack In the road this time and the motor mount bent again. I read the manual and it only says not to run over gutters or off curb, which I never did. After bending it back a second time the motor seems to be messed up and seems like something is rubbing on the inside.

    I sent it back to evolve for repair under warranted which took some 3-4 weeks.
  8. Malo

    Malo Member

    I received my board back in the mail and used it for maybe 15 charges, riding on paved roads and paths. My second ride a rock managed to split the wheel but it was on the edge and I pulled the rock out so it's not very noticeable.

    When I was riding it on my 16th ish charge the motor started sounding a bit weird for about 10 seconds twice then it was fine. I noticed the board didn't seem to speed up as fast aswell.
    The next day when I was riding it on a clean smooth paved road the wheel locked up and launched me off, I was able to just run and not fall. The motor then sounded really bad and kept cutting out, then it seemed fine again for about 500m and then it started cutting out again until the motor stopped working besides braking.

    I cleaned the board after every other charge and made sure screws were tight before every ride. I followed all instructions in the manual.

    They sent me a new motor and it didn't fix the problem so they sent me a motor controller which did fix the problem.

    I road it about 10-15 times until the snow fell here in Canada and I put it away for the winter, charging it once halfway through to ensure the battery doesn't crap out. This summer I have riden it about 5-10 charges, and having problems with the controller losing connecting to the board and having to turn off and on the board to reconnect. Then today I went out for a ride and hit the trigger to go and the motor made a terrible noise and barely pushed me forward. The motor will spin but it wont spin the gear.

    Now it's been well over 6 months warrantee and I have a board that I have riden maybe 50 times because it was broken most of the summer, that doesn't work once again.
  9. Malo

    Malo Member

    What did it cost to upgrade your board to dual motor setup?
  10. OP

    derek440 Member

    They gave me a discount on most of the upgrade parts as I made it clear I can't really use the board how it was, it broke down nearly every time I rode it and kept bending and motor plate coming off. I think it was about $500AUD to upgrade. I also have a new "One" motor they sent me and the single ESC if anyone wants to buy that, I guess I'll advertise it in the correct forum. I am happy now the board has the GT motors and have actually ridden a few times without the board failing! Having said that I am get the odd time I have to reboot board and controller as they seem to get out of sync and also the board fails to a fail-safe mode with the speed indicator light changing from Red for Pro mode back to flashing red. I am not sure if this is overheating or drawing too much current or battery drain, but it only happens in pro mode with wide open throttle over time.
  11. Malo

    Malo Member

    They had sent me their newer "one" motor and said it shouldn't break like my last 2 motors did, and yet it still broke, just lasted slightly longer.
    Now I have this garbage longboard that doesn't work and I cant return it or have it repaired under warrantee.
    Only way to fix it is to spend a bunch of money that I don't have and it wouldn't guarantee that it wont crap out on me after 10-20 uses.

    All in all, this product has been the absolute worst and I hope no one else wastes their money on this expensive garbage.

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