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New Bamboo GTX owner queries

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTX' started by Sawyers90, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Sawyers90

    Sawyers90 Member

    Just got back from my first ride on my new board. I absolutely loved it but I do have a couple of queries.

    I fully charged both the board and the remote when it first arrived. Green lights on both before I set off. I travelled approximately 6 miles mainly in fast mode with a few blasts in GT mode on the last mile or so the battery was in the red and kept dropping down into eco mode. 6 miles seems like a pretty poor performance to me. It was very windy and I am on the heavier side (103kg). Could this bring the range down to 6 miles!?

    Do I need to worry about small splashes of water? It was dry out and I didn't ride through any puddles but there were a couple of damp patches and when I got home the bottom of the board had a light wet mist on it. Do I need to be careful with this and only ride when it is 100% dry?

    other than that very keen to get back on it once it is charged again!
  2. Polarshred

    Polarshred Member

    I’m 86 kg and with the AT setup and hills and wind can get about 10 miles if I ride unconservatively. 14 or so if I ride conservative (gets in yellow zone on acceleration) Never got into red zone.

    Street wheels can double your range.

    And yes watch out for water.
  3. Lounger4035

    Lounger4035 Member

    I’m getting a little over 15-17kms (around the 10 miles) on AT as well. I weigh in at 105kg and I guess a little extra weight with riding style might limit you a little.

    I pretty much just ride in GT until the charge is gone, it’ll kick you back when there’s not enough charge left. I reckon you should be getting more than 6 miles, the goods news is you get to recharge and go for another ride to see if it improves.

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