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My Heels Hurt

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboards' started by jeffreysurfs, Oct 17, 2018.

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  1. jeffreysurfs

    jeffreysurfs Member

    Im wondering if anyone is getting beaten up/sore heels from the curve of the Bamboo GT deck???

    I ride a few days a week and typically go out for an hour+. By the time i'm about halfway through the ride, my heels hurt.

    I recently bought a pair of Vans Old School Pro's High Tops to cushion my heels...not much help, although a little better.

    Im thinking about switching to a carbon deck to get a flat surface.

    Does anyone have any human fixes to achy heels?
  2. Weka

    Weka Member

    I have a carbon and the whole of my rear foot gets sore, even when I'm putting most of my weight on the front. I assumed it was just from absorbing the vibration from the board so I tried riding in a pair of running shoes but that was actually worse.
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  3. Mac

    Mac Member

    I also wear the pro vans high tops with the ultracush insoles. I added the following under the insoles which helps. It doesn't take away all the soreness but I definitely think it helps.

    MultiSole NO2 Insoles
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  4. fs996

    fs996 Member

    The carbon is even worse because it's such a stiff board, the Bamboo at least absorbs some of the vibes. All I can suggest is maybe get gel heel pads or gel insoles for your trainers. I use them in my running trainers because of an old broken bone in my heel and they do help. Either that or it's change heel position on the board or a deck swap.
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  5. OP

    jeffreysurfs Member

    I have had some decent success with the Vans
    Good stuff thank you
  6. bflynn880

    bflynn880 Member

    Can you switch a bamboo gt deck for a gtx deck?
  7. fs996

    fs996 Member

    Yes, the GTX will accommodate all the BGT's electronics easily, the GTX is routed and therefore flexier than the GT (which is already pretty flexy). I have both and find the GTX the better ride.

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