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Motor stopped working, found blue tape inside?

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by kiwiskate, Jan 24, 2019.

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  1. kiwiskate

    kiwiskate Member

    Hi all,

    I have an evolve carbon GT with the f1 wheels, ever since I got it about 9 months ago one of the motors has intermittently stopped working, but it always started working again with no real issues so I never worried about it. Anyway it was working fine yesterday, and today it won't start, not even a little bit. I saw a video online from evolve to check if it is a motor issue by opening up and swapping the connectors etc, done that and confirmed it is a motor issue. I found another video about checking the motor bearings so undid those 4 little screws and punched out the shaft, the bearings are fine but inside the motor cover are small bits of blue, it looks like electrical tape but is exactly the same colour as the shrink wrap on the battery. Not sure if this is what has been causing my issues but is this normal?? Has anyone else found blue bits of tape or plastic inside a motor? Have attached a photo. There were also some bits in three of the grooves by the thumb in the picture but I tried to remove those before taking a picture but you can see the residue from where it was.

    Appreciate any help, cheers, Emma.

  2. xrayturner

    xrayturner Member

    Emma - I haven't taken a skate motor apart before but I have taken similar type motors apart and tape shouldn't be in there. Sometimes Loctite is used to keep bears in place against the housing back but again I haven’t taken a skate motor apart. How tape or shrink wrap got in there is the big question and since you are 3 months out of warranty that well, sucks. Most motors like that are pretty durable so I am wondering if you have maybe cleaned it up and put it back together now? Is it working again or still dead? Worst case you have to purchase a replacement motor. Might be worth emailing evolve support to get their opinion. When I have a question like this they have always been informative and quick to respond. Good luck and skate on!

  3. mtbjonboy

    mtbjonboy Member

    Can someone please explain how to take the motor apart?
    perhaps it needs more than a light tap after taking the 3 screws on the end out?

    Also if anyone has found a direct 150kv replacement available in the UK?


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