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Motor spins, Wheels don't

Discussion in 'Bamboo GT' started by medicyrin, May 5, 2018.

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  1. medicyrin

    medicyrin Member

    Hey guys,
    i just bought myself a brand new Evolve GT Bamboo. Hit the road and got about 12 Miles on it. Just went outside to take it for another spin, but suddenly after a turn, the wheels dont seem to spin anymore. I mean, they do, but with no force. The motors turn just fine, the belt seems to be a tight enough fit and all...

    I dont know what i've done wrong, it just stopped to spin the Wheels with enough force. I can stop them with my fingers.
    Any ideas?

  2. alfmetal

    alfmetal Member

    the battery is charged, right?.

    if yes,

    sounds like something trapped between the belts.
    it happen to me once.
  3. Jimmi3738

    Jimmi3738 Member

    if the motors are both spinning and not powering the wheels and the belts are tentioned properly the only thing it could be is the morot cog spinning on the motor shaft

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