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Evolve Suggestion More remote gear options

Discussion in 'Evolve Ideas & Suggestions' started by SumBitzBr0k3n, Sep 2, 2019.

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    May 24, 2019
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    Now that the GTR Bluetooth remote supports OTA updates it would be great to get some extra gear options added. i can understand why evolve don't want us using the 47T gear with the 7" and 8" wheels due to the extra stress put on the electrics. I know other size gears are only available from outside companies but by using the correct combinations they won't put any extra stress on anything compared to existing setting. There is always the option there for Evolve to start selling the extra gear options themselves. Doing this will also allow them to put a clause on them that they are only recommended form certain combinations

    Gear sizes i would like to see added to R2b remote and the Evolve website:

    For streets:
    23T gears for the smaller 83mm street wheels
    29T gears for 97mm wheels (Which is a similar gear ratio to running 107mm with 32T) or any size smaller

    For AT's
    58T gears for 7" wheels (similar gear ratio to running 8" with 66T gears or the 6" with 47t gears) for a similar top speed and torque to the 8" 66t / 6" 47t gearing
    58T gears for 6" wheels (similar gear ratio to 7" with 66T) for a similar top speed and torque to the 7" 66t gearing

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