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New Feature! Member Search - Search for riders by location or name

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & News' started by Alex, Oct 14, 2016.

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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin

    UPDATE: Member Map is now also live.

    I've just added some new Member Search functionality, whereby you can search for other members by their username, location, home page or their real name.

    With this tool you can:
    • Search by city, state, county or country find other riders nearby.
    • Find out the site username of someone you met at a meet and get in touch with them by searching for their real name - Narrow it down by search for their name, and the location.
    • Find the full username of a user whose name you can only partially remember.
    • Find the username of any company reps, vloggers or other professionals that have registered and added their home page url.

    The great thing about this search is that it will return results for partial matches. So if you want a broad search for a location you only have to type part of the location to ensure you get the most possible results in case there's any inconsistencies in spelling.

    Likewise if you can only remember a few letters from someones username, or only the second half, you can do a partial search and find their full username to get in touch with them.



    For example, if I want to find all the riders in London, UK, I can search for 'London'


    Or if I want to find everyone in Victoria, Australia, I can search for Victoria


    You can even see everyone in a whole country if you search for that country.

    Make sure your own location data is up to date and correct by visiting the Personal Details section of your account and checking the location field.

    Use the autocomplete function provided by Google and tap the result closest to you, so that it includes city, state/county and country info for the most accurate search results.

    Or you can only include state/country and country, or even just the country if you wish.

    Using the autocomplete will help ensure it's all spelled correctly though, so do tap on the result.

    Or you can manually type it in, but try to format it similar to the Autocomplete to include a location name relevant to you, spelled in a format that others may search for so you appear in search results.

    If you live in a large city, you may wish to also include your borough.



    Invite Local Riders to your Events!

    The member search also enhances the Events section even further. Now when you create an event you can do a quick search for members nearby and send invites direct to riders near you from the RSVP tab!


    Let us know what you think below! :)
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  2. wxppf

    wxppf Member

    Alright!! .. luv it! works like a charm... 1 Belgian with an Evolve board found.... :confused:;):)
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  3. OP

    Alex Admin

    Sweet! Bringing electric skateboarding together, one carve at a time!

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  4. mgb

    mgb Member

    Brilliant, nice work
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  5. Great search tool !

    Uh... am I the only registered Evolver in Switzerland ???
  6. OP

    Alex Admin

    Seems like it Marc Scharding !

    A few riders from Sweden, but none from Switzerland. Sounds like a sign you need to get your buddies into e-boarding :p
  7. Zac

    Zac Member

    Nice work Alex! Hopefully I can find some more Evolve riders in Orange County, California
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  8. mikew66

    mikew66 Member

    This is a Great feature, Hopefully I can find some more riders From Adelaide to hook up with
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  9. I do my best !! Evolve should advertise much more in Switzerland !
  10. OP

    Alex Admin

    You should get some snow chains on your tyres, then you can zip up and down the mountains you have over there this winter!

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  11. Could be a nice feature... but I'll prefer to ride on snow free streets !!
  12. OP

    Alex Admin

    Probably a wise move :)
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  13. Even the Swiss winter won't stop us !!
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  14. There is a great Evolver's Map - Worldwide (Google) made by Florian, where you can see where the Evolvers ride/live. Add yourself and we enlarge the Evolve footprint around the world :cool:
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  15. Darki82

    Darki82 Member

    Do you have a link to this map?
  16. Darki82

    Darki82 Member

    Thanks Carlos
    Wow, that looks like a cool feature.I hope there will be many riders mark them self

    To those how set a marker on the map, please add your contact information to the description. Can also be a link to the profile of this forum ;)
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  17. Dark!82 ... good tip. Just added my Evolve-profile link
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  18. wxppf

    wxppf Member

    Niiiice... just added my landmark.. nice to see all skaters in 1 view

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