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Mellow Boards Electric Skateboard - Regenerative braking with overload protection braking resistor

Discussion in 'Mellow Boards' started by Mellow Boards YouTube, May 22, 2017.

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  1. Mellow Boards YouTube

    Mellow Boards YouTube YouTube Bot

    Let's talk about brakes for Mellow Boards. They are strong, efficient and easy to use with the remote.

    They are even regenerative meaning they feed the battery when you use them. Mellow’s braking is extra special for one reason. Keep watching to find out.
  2. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Interesting take here on the problem some electric skateboards have where by the regenerative braking stops working when the battery if fully charged.

    They've installed a braking resistor that can dissipate up to 1,000W of energy as heat, so the brakes will never fail you, even when the battery is full.

  3. stme

    stme Member

    What does the EVOLVE CARBON and BAMBOO GT do?
    Will the brakes fail when full charged or do they have a similar system to this of how to overcome the problem?
  4. Alex

    Alex Admin

    There was a chat about it here, where two riders start their journey from the top of the hill. Neither seem to have had any problems, so perhaps there is a system in place on the Evolves. You could reply in that thread to see how they're getting on.

    Carbon GT - full charge then downhill

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