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May Photo Competition - Submit your entries

Discussion in 'Media Threads: Pics & Vids' started by Alex, May 18, 2017.

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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin



    Hey everyone!

    Time for this months photo competition so you can show off your photography skills and so you can share your electric skateboarding adventures :cool:

    To make it fun and a bit more interesting I'm going to try and get a prize up for grabs each month.

    Last month @SteveS33 from Flatland 3D put up a set of 3D Printed Evolve GT motor guards for the lucky winner.

    Vote for the April competition winner by liking your favourite images in this gallery album:

    Album: April 2017 Photo Competition

    This month Jeremy from @owarmor has kindly agreed to put up a set of reflective automotive stickers for the winner. There are pack available for all Carbon or Bamboo All Terrain hubs, or a OneWheel.

    Check out this thread for a review and giveaway:

    OWArmor Review - Electric skateboard reflective automotive visibility sticker

    He'll even post it anywhere in the world for you!



    Ohhhh....shiny! :heart_eyes:

    So, how does it work?

    Rules & How It Works
    • You can submit up to 4 images.
    • At the end of the month I'll rip all the images out of the thread and whack them in a gallery album.
    • Then we'll vote for the winner by liking our favourites in the competition gallery.
    • Once voting has ended, we can all sort the album by most likes and I'll have ourselves a winner! :party:
    • The winner gets the prize and I'll feature the photo.

    • Upload your image direct to your post in this thread if possible, it makes it easier to convert to a new gallery album.
    • Embedding images into your post that you've already uploaded to the gallery is cool.
    • Don't embed or hot link images from elsewhere on the internet such as imgur. Instead save the image to your computer and upload direct to your post, otherwise it won't get ripped from the thread and I may miss it when doing my checks.

    Closing date for this competition will be May 31st.

    Lets see what you've got!

  2. onmyone

    onmyone Member

    The GreaT ONE

    one gt (2).jpg
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  3. Cause its not about the ride, but the people you ride with :) Evolve Instagram (sj)-18.jpg
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  4. opt1

    opt1 Member

    My custom Carbon GT: "The Wizard"

    Turns a lot of heads up here in Vancouver BC. IMG_1129.JPG IMG_1128.JPG IMG_1130.JPG
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  5. OP

    Alex Admin

    Where'd you get that printed @opt1?
  6. stme

    stme Member

    Check local skate shops - you can get allsorts of griptape with decoration and illustrations.
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  7. opt1

    opt1 Member

    I had the team at Longboarder Labs in Vancouver BC put the awesome graphic grip tape on my board.
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  8. Carbon, Bamboo, Boosted

    Evolve Instagram (sj)-19.jpg
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  9. OP

    Alex Admin

    Your attachment didn't work mate, might want to try uploading again.
  10. Ghost1111

    Ghost1111 Member

    My Custom CGT -[/ATTACH] pic2.JPG pic3.JPG pic4.JPG pic6.JPG

    The rims/the belt guards and the plates on the top are all gold paint, sadly it doesn't show that great in my cheapo go pro.
    Last edited: May 25, 2017
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  11. Ghost1111

    Ghost1111 Member

    I've tried to delete my last 2 pictures to get it to the required 4 max but they keep re-appearing? HELP
  12. OP

    Alex Admin

    When editing your posts, in order to manage attachments such as pictures, you have to be in the full page editor.

    When the edit overlay appears, select More Options to get the full page version, then below the text editor you'll see all of your attachments listed, and you can delete them.


    Use the Full Image button to insert the BB code for that image to wherever the cursor is in your post. That's how you can order them.

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  13. Ghost1111

    Ghost1111 Member

    Looks like it worked, thanks man.
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  14. MatGaz

    MatGaz Member

    Sunny day in Paris. 20170526_185147.jpg 20170526_185552.jpg 20170526_183206.jpg
    Last edited: May 27, 2017
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  15. skedaddle

    skedaddle Member

  16. snee scampers

    snee scampers Member

    pool noodles !

    so i can strap it down and the griptape won't rip up my seat...

  17. jaromi15

    jaromi15 Member

  18. fartnz

    fartnz Member

  19. fartnz

    fartnz Member

  20. Wingnut1998

    Wingnut1998 Member

    Bamboo One deck swap done! Thousand.jpg
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