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Locking your skate.

Discussion in 'General Electric Skateboard Chat' started by JDon, Mar 29, 2019.

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  1. JDon

    JDon Member

    I figured out a way to lock my skate up while I ran into stores or for short term reasons. I use a 19inch gun lock. They are used for running a lock threw the chamber of a gun. I use it to run threw the truck hole on the board and attach it to a pole. Look at the pictures for clearififation. Note this is for short term locking or to feel safer about your beard not getting stolen wile in a store or at the park, even at home.
    I then store it by wrapping it around the back trucks and under the wires to secure it to the board wile riding, works great!

    Hope this helps or gives you an idea for locking up your boards.






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