1. Bamboo Series
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last ever Evolve GT one (issues)

Discussion in 'Bamboo Series One' started by Movation, Oct 13, 2019.

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  1. Movation

    Movation Member

    Picked up the last ever GT one from evolve HQ this week , Fleur told me it was the last one ever sold. Judging by the build sheet its the demo board from the showroom. Problem is 90% of the time remote doesnt spin the wheels. Repairing the R2 remote no fix, voltage meter stuck in charging port shows 41.7v on full charge. Remote looks to be newer than board I suspect firmware mismatch. Going to take back to HQ this week but if its I can fix it myself I would prefer it. Any ideas?
  2. OP

    Movation Member

    Tried with a mates remote and worked then I went through and calibrated the triggers and brake apparently I did this backwards the first time. So far so good.
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