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Koowheel 3nd (small review)

Discussion in 'Koowheel' started by Giela, Jun 15, 2021.

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  1. Giela

    Giela Member

    I bought this board of of Aliepress last month and after riding it for 50 (pleasant) kilometers. The board stopped working. A friend of mine, who bought the same board 2 weeks later has having exactly the same problem. My girlfriend who has also bought one is still riding her's..

    So overall, the build quality looks pretty good for a €400 board but the quality of the electronics is rubbish. I guess the battery is died somehow. I wouldn't recommend this board to anyone.

    When riding, the ride was pretty good. Pretty good acceleration and topspeed of 39km/h for an heavy (96kg) rider. The range was about 16km/h when driving it in mode 2 and sometimes 1 and 3. The remote is much better then version 1 and 2 of the Koowheel.

    If only it had worked properly, you would have a great package for a good price... if only...

    Because of the lack of service I am looking for an Evolve. Backfire, Wowgo or Exway are also options for me but because of the lack of service points in Europe I am choosing for Evolve...
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