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Jedboards - Testing out the latest pre-production units!

Discussion in 'General Eskate Chat' started by W.Jordan, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. W.Jordan

    W.Jordan Member

    Hey all, just though I'd share this here as well, We took the latest pre-production Jedboards out for a test run, check out the footage below. These were very close to the final production models, and I can say they are fantastic, honestly. Our riders group has had the opportunity to test many boards, and I would have to say that for me, the Jedboards come out on top! WHY? well it's not any one thing in particular, but rather a list of features that the board just manages to nail. The board is light 6.4kg for the dual drive, which is an impressive feat, as it has the pulling power to match the Raptor 2 which weighs 10kg and is a tank in comparison. The noise is nothing to worry about either, it is smooth and quiet, and only perks up a little under heavy braking, but sounds really nice, and speaking of the braking, WOW, these boards are smart enough to know how fast they are traveling and adjust brakes to match, I had no hesitation slamming on the full brake from top speed, which coming from a Carbon GT is something that is very daunting. The free rolling is simply in another world, with three kick pushes I was able to get around 80 meters, almost felt like a regular longboard. The could say there are honestly no negative points from our test ride that I can think of perhaps one could say the 30km battery range, but That is equal to the Bamboo GT, but in a far smaller size battery pack (fits into your hand, 16 cells) and I would rather carry an extra battery pack around for long trips than lug around a heavy board that takes hours to charge when you run out. We plan to get more footage out to you all very very soon [​IMG]:)

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  2. fbhb

    fbhb Member

    Looking forward to the next video when you post it here. The Jed board is surely shaping up to be something special!
  3. mwhite67

    mwhite67 Member

    Is that spray on grip again? Barf, at least give an option for real grip.
  4. OP

    W.Jordan Member


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