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Site Update January site update - New forums and features

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements & News' started by Alex, Jan 29, 2017.

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  1. Alex

    Alex Admin

    Hello everyone,

    It's been a while since the last update, so here's a change log of some of the latest additions to the site over the last couple of months

    This month we hit over 500 members, 500 threads and 5,000 posts. Thanks to everyone joining in on the discussion in the community!

    Evolve World Cup 2017
    Evolve released the logo for the 2017 world cup. Check it out in the EWC forum:

    Evolve Word Cup (EWC)

    Get customising and post your national EWC logo creations in the logo thread

    EWC 2017 - Post your customised Evolve World Cup 2017 logos in here!

    For those of you without access to any image editing software, I've embedded a basic image editor and a more advanced image editor in the site so you can get in on the image editing action and get your creative juices flowing from your web browser.

    New Forums
    You can find a new graphics forum for getting help with creating custom avatars, cover profile images, EWC logos or any other graphics


    Avatars, Cover Photos & Graphics

    Simple Image Editor

    Advanced Image Editor

    There's now a new members welcome forum, where anyone is welcome to pop their head in and say hello. You can tell us a little bit about yourself or just say hi :)


    New Members - Say hello in here!

    I've added a new build log forum in the DIY boards section, so if any of you are working on a custom build project you can keep a log there to share your progress.


    Electric Skateboard Build Logs

    New Guides
    If you haven't checked it out recently, the guides forum has started to get populated with a great selection of detailed guides complete with photos and videos of how to carry out all sorts of tips, tricks, maintenance on mods on the Evolve boards, be sure have a look. If you've got an idea for one, we'd love to see it!


    New Photos & Videos in the Gallery
    There's a good selection of new media albums, new photos and videos worth checking out in the gallery. Best viewed on the new media pages.

    New Photos | Evolve Electric Skateboard Forums

    New Videos | Evolve Electric Skateboard Forums

    New Albums | Evolve Electric Skateboard Forums

    Member Map

    The member map has over 500 riders on it now. It might be worth have a look to see if there's any new eboarders in your area since the last time you checked.

    Member Map

    Push Notifications to Your Phone or Browser
    I've now enabled both Pushover and Pushbullet notification systems on the forum, so you can subscribe to either to get phone and/or browser notifications.

    To activate either, you need to register on either or, download the app to your phone, then associated your forum account with the service on your external accounts profile page from your browser on a desktop.

    Pushover costs about $5 for the app, and I highly recommend it as you you get more flexibility about what notifications are sent to your phone. Instructions on how to set it up can be found here.

    Pushbullet is free, but I've found it not as polished.

    Give either a go and let me know how they work for you (I do not recommend using both at once, disassociate one before trying the other).

    External Accounts


    Post Ratings
    You may find one or two new post ratings since the last time you visited.
    If you'd like to suggest any new ones, let me know here.


    Boards Owned
    The number of options in the boards owned section of the personal details page has been updated with a bigger selection of the most popular boards.

    View them all and update your collection here:

    Personal Details

    If you want to suggest any new ones, post below.


    Similar Thread Suggestions
    Now when viewing any thread, you'll see a suggestion box below the quick reply box showing you various other threads that may be of interest, related to the thread you're currently viewing.

    This should help you to easier discover more content relevant to the topic you're currently reading.


    I think that's it for now!

    I've got a few more additions and goodies planned for February, which I hope to update you about soon.

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  2. Andy

    Andy Mod

    Nice work dude!! Least someone has been productive with all this :poop: weather!!
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  3. OP

    Alex Admin

    lol, it's called self-assessment return procrastination :laughing:

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