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Is the original BMS needed to replace the battery?

Discussion in 'Evolve Skateboard Guides' started by arrexender, Aug 25, 2018.

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  1. arrexender

    arrexender Member

    Hi guys,

    I got a Bamboo GTX overseas and recently came back to the USA. The only way I was able to ship it back to the USA was by removing the entire battery assembly.

    I thought now would be a good chance to replace the battery cells but after reading a few guides, I see the word BMS popping up frequently. Do I need this and any other original parts from the battery assembly to create a new one?? Sorry, I am complete noob here :oops:

    I would appreciate any help and any links that can help me better understand the whole replacement process.

  2. karl

    karl Member

    the answer would be YES, normally when people upgrade their battery, they reuse back the old BMS from stock battery.. or else your board will stuck at ECO mode forever..
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  3. OP

    arrexender Member

    thanks karl. wish I knew this beforehand and took the BMS with me! haha well at least I didn't throw it out.
  4. jacopotex

    jacopotex Member

    What is the max A output , of the stock bms?

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