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Is my math wrong? Can I increase my GTX range by 12X just by upgrading the batt?

Discussion in 'Bamboo GTX' started by blackjackel, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. blackjackel

    blackjackel Member

    Here's my math, and I'm 90% sure it's wrong, and I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out on this:

    Evolve GTX battery specs say the battery is 10AH which translates to 10,000MAH

    There are 40 batteries in the board, meaning 10,000/40 is 250, which means each battery has 250mah, this seems wrong already... but let's keep going.

    Newer, nicer batteries have 3000mah per battery.... so to see how much MORE that is you take 3000 / 250 you get 12.... meaning a 3000mah battery has 12 times the juice that a 250 mah battery has...

    Meaning if I upgrade my battery pack to a 3000mah per battery, i should have 12x the range. This can't be right...
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  2. Huey

    Huey Member

    Hi. Without looking at your maths, have you taken into account that some batteries will have been connected in series and some in parallel to achieve the required voltage and amp hours....?
    I am out at the shops so dont have the time to work out your calcs, but just a quick thought...
  3. fs996

    fs996 Member

    From memory and in a rush...the GTX battery is a 10s4p which means groups of 10 cells connected in series (10s) and connected x 4 in parallel.

    Connecting cells in series multiplies the voltage but the mah stays the same as a single cell, the difference is it take a whole lot more power to provide the same mah capacity at increasing voltages. Connecting 10 cells in series increases the voltage to 36-42v depending on charge, and each of those groups of 10 cells is then connected in parallel (x4) which gives you your extra capacity at that stated voltage (the 10,000mah you are referring to).
  4. KWasch

    KWasch Member

    Just made a 10s4p pack for my GTX. Works out to be 12,000mah vs the 10,000mah gtx stock battery
  5. KWasch

    KWasch Member

    For example : (Borrowed from Kevin Dark )
    Cells in the 4p configuration - 4 cells in parallel - the cell capabilities are quadrupled. So... for example, based on the LG HG2 cells, the finished pack will have the following specifications;
    • Voltage = 36v nominal
    • Mah = 12000
    • A Discharge Rate = 80A
  6. fs996

    fs996 Member

    The key thing to remember here is that 10,000mah at 3.6v compared to 10,000mah at 36v are two entirely different beasts. The voltage is necessary to provide the torque required to move a person's weight.
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